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Death by Tornado – Breaking Your Weakest Link

The U.S. is being beaten up by a rash of tornadoes, many F4 and F5 killers. The last batch has killed over 180 people. They were proceeded by a storm system that produced over 200 tornadoes, some multi-vortex killers.

Tornadoes are like Hurricanes – they are high wind events and they are even more efficient at hurling debris through windows. Once debris breaks a window, the air pressure goes in and searches for a way out. It basically explodes the building. Avoid the window breach and the building stands a better chance at surviving, along with its occupants.
That is what our Armor Glass security film is designed and certified to do – avoid a breach of your weakest link by debris that allows killer winds inside your structure.
One engineer whose house we installed our security film told me that he calculated that one hole in the window equals 50,000 lbs of UPLIFT on the roof! That is what a tornado is doing when it breaks your glass. It’s ‘game over’ for the building – not to mention all the flying glass that can cut you to shreds.
Whether its burglars, solar heat, hurricanes or tornadoes, Armor Your Glass with Armor Glass. The life you save could be your family’s or your own…