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Dear Texas Legislature – Let’s Protect Our Homes and Offices

26 Feb 2013
Honorable Members of the Texas Legislature
Did you know that Certified Security Window Filmwould:
·        Have delayedthe Newtown Sandy Hook shooter from entering the glass building, giving police time to arrive and students’ time to take shelter?
·        Protects Texas homeowners from burglar break-ins?
·        Protects Texas offices and homes from hurricane and tornado wind-borne debris that breaches glass?
·        Saves energy by cutting solar heat and harmful UV – enough to pay for itself over time?
·        Was installed on all federal buildings in Washington DC after 9/11 – for explosion protection?
·        Would lower insurance losses from storms and theft?
Nearly 40% of our population lives near the coast, subject to the threat of hurricane-force winds every year. All of our population live in areas hit by break-ins 24/7 365 days a year. Glass is the weakest link of every building – a burglar or a shooter can break and enter unprotected glass in less than two seconds!
We put Security Window film on a lady’s house last summer. Five (5) days later someone tried to break through one of her windows which had our film, and failed to get in.  Chase Tower in Houston sustained over $5 million in damages during Hurricane IKE due to windows being sucked out by the winds. Our film would have avoided those damages, and millions of dollars in similar damages caused by window breaks. We are currently installing it on a DEA office in Houston to provide Level 2 blast protection.
Solar film only blocks the sun – it has no breach resistant qualities. Security Window Film is four times thicker and can block the sun as well as “armor the glass” which is the weakest link of every building.
Security Window film costs a fraction of Shutters and Impact Glass – its three to ten times less.
With bigger storms and more crime, every building should add Security Window Film that is certified for a Large Missile Impact (4.5 lb Level C – ASTM 1186/1996) and Miami Dade PA-201 and 203 for hurricane-force winds. If so, Texas property owners would save millions in property losses and energy costs; Insurance companies would save millions in claims from break-ins and storm losses.
Please check out our website for more information. Few Texas architects and builders are aware of this vital technology that is protecting our nation’s capital.