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DEA Office – DONE. On to Schools, Houses

On Texas independence day, March 6, we finished the DEA office in Houston.

Who knows what federal office or building may become the next target like the Murrah building was in 1994 – by a Timothy McVeigh type. Or a target of a foreign group like the bombing of the WTC in 1993…

We really received nice comments from the security and management folks who said “we were the least trouble they had” compared to the other contractors who are also doing work. One of them broke a window but no one admitted to it. It was replaced and we put on our blast-rated security film.

Next up is a Houston area (private) school who wants to use the same Tint Security film we used on the DEA office, since it provides shooter protection and lets the people inside see out during the day – and blocks the view inside. It will also save on their energy bill by cutting 55% of the solar heat getting into the building. Apparently a couple of the board members had our film installed on their houses, so we got the best recommendation possible.

Between those jobs we will be doing a couple houses in the Houston area – and have another in Austin, etc. Other schools from around the U.S. have also contacted us.

This is a GREAT job to have…providing Green+Security protection…