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DC “Hurricane” Derecho” – Without warning

Over 1.6 MILLION Americans remain without power tonight – incapable of reading these words, or accessing the Internet or air conditioning.

According to experts cited in a recent  Time article: “The wave of late Friday evening storms, called a derecho, moved quickly across the region with little warning. The straight-line winds were just as destructive as any hurricane — but when a tropical system strikes, officials usually have several days to get extra personnel in place.”

“Derechos” happen on a cycle, but they DO repeat. It shows that no matter WHERE you live, you need to harden your house/buildings’ weakest link – its windows – from breach by flying debris from Hurricane force winds, burglars, tornadoes -24/7 because you rarely get a “warning” like you do with hurricanes.

AND KILLER SOLAR HEAT.  Heat KILLS.   We can knock it down 79% WHILE protecting from the guy with the brick flying at your glass…

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