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Dallas Tornadoes – Kill 11. TV: Notice the missing windows

A few days ago a tornado driven storm struck north of Dallas, killing 11 people.  If you notice the TV footage, people are standing in front of houses that have windows blown out. Those same houses had roof loss even as the walls remained.  Some of them were totally blown away.

We suggest you read “Houses of Straw” (a Free download at our website) as it shows how breach of the windows by wind-borne debris is what leads to roof loss and collapse of houses and structures.

Dallas TornadoFromAirportDec2015

Photo: Dallas tornado seen from airport

By “armoring the glass” the damage could have been avoided or reduced, saving lives potentially and reducing property damage. Windows remain the weakest link and once they fail the entire structure is jeopardized immediately.

We are sorry to see such devastation and our thoughts are with those who lost property and lives.  Our purpose is solely to educate so people can upgrade the security of their biggest investment, their property and the people inside.