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Cyclone (Hurricane) Hits Australia – 120 mph Winds

The beginning of our spring is the beginning of fall south of the equator, the peak of their storm season. We call them hurricanes. Our peak is mid-September.

South of the equator they are called Cyclones – and a 120 mph one just hit Australia.
Mid-March is their peak for the same reason mid-September is ours. The waters are the hottest from summer. Hurricanes-Cyclones-Typhoons–call them what you want–are earth’s mechanism for transferring that heat from the equator to the polar latitudes (Arctic for us, South Pole for Australians).
Given that Australia just had the hottest summer in a half century, and slapped with a Category 3 at the end of it, it is possible that when our turn comes this summer, the same end could be the result.
Don’t expect another pass like we got last year because of El Nino. Are you ready for a Category 3 storm blowing in your windows? June 1 is now a little more than two months from now, and we already have a backlog.
Until you have security film on your windows (or much more expensive shutters), you are not ready for our annual threat – Hurricane-force winds.