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Cutting Solar Heat When Iowa Is As HOT as Texas – And Pays for Itself

SUMMER seems to have arrived LATE this year in Houston. We had a rainy first half of the year when it was uncommonly COOL. I had a neighbor who kept her door open behind a screen door to let the sea breeze in.

NOT NOW. She, like all of us, hides behind closed doors with an air conditioner on high. But that HEAT has not been limited to the south.

I was in Iowa over Labor Day weekend, where the temperatures were as hot in Mason City Iowa as it was in Clear Lake, Texas – and with equal humidity. Her back room was like an oven, despite the best efforts of her fan. The window unit in another room wasn’t big enough to help. She lives in a converted hotel with big windows open to the elements.

I had packed in my van some of our Armor Glass tinted security film that was light enough to cut the heat at least 45% but doesn’t change the look of the building. I put it on to protect her and make her place cooler although I am not an installer and it showed by the bubbles I left behind despite having the right tools! It shows why we use professional installers and not me!

Armor Glass security film
Armor Glass security film

Mom didn’t care because she can’t see very well and was glad to have the heat relief and security from future tornadoes, hail and hurricane-force storms in the windy state (Iowa is No. 2 in wind turbines, right behind Texas.)

Our special films reject that heat from coming through your windows. That means you are having cool half the heat as before. That cuts energy use. Over time Armor Glass security films will pay for itself in energy savings – whether it is a house, school, or office.  Then its money in the owners pocket since the product has a lifetime residential warranty and 12 year commercial warranty.

What else have you invested in that actually pays for itself? I am not aware of cars paying for themselves, nor children! lol.

So, we are truly unique – advancing your security by armoring your weakest link while cutting energy and paying for itself.

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