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Corpus – PARENTS KICK OUT GLASS Looking for Kids

Today there was a false shooting scare at a Corpus Christi school. PARENTS arrived, panicked, and KICKED OUT the glass to get into the school. Parents!

If frightened parents find it easy to break glass to break into a school, think about how easy it is for a a killer stalking your kids, or by hurricane force winds.

No school would lock the doors with a killer INSIDE – they lock the doors to keep the Killer OUTSIDE.

Armor Glass helps keep them OUT. Any delay in entry is a big advantage for the occupants.

We have had incidents where a propane tank was used to break a bedroom window, allowing the burglars to be on top of the homeowners before they had a chance to move, call 911, get a weapon, or all of the above.

Armor Glass security film would have given them that chance to call for help and get access to a defensive weapon.

That can make all the difference.

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