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HERE COMES MATTHEW as a CAT 4! _ Here is How it Tears Houses Apart

Sure enough, someone living on West Palm Beach Florida contacted us today and wanted installation NOW. Can’t blame them, the satellite photo of Matthew looks like a skull out of a horror movie. In a way, it is!  It will hit as a monster CAT 4 at 140 miles per hour winds! That is just one away from the top CAT 5 ranking.
This storm will KILL, buildings, people, so respect it and get the hell out of the way.
Sorry, but once the storm is coming it is too late to call us to protect your house from having windows breaking and roof flying away. Even if we could fight the winds and waves to show up, the storm will be gone by the time we could get there.
BUT do it after Matthew has passed — because every year is hurricane season. Hurricane-force winds blow your house apart by breaching the glass with triple digit winds hurling debris like tree limbs and street signs through your weakest link, the glass. Once its in, its “game over” for your house. Our book explains it in detail based on a study of prior hurricanes.
With Matthew roaring to meet the east coast, now is the best time to read our free book “Houses of Straw” to see how to protect yourself from these monsters (not to mention human thieve types)…
Why the title? Because that is what people are living in and don’t even know it, until they armor their weakest link…Read our blog at the link for updates as this beast raises hell with mankind.