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Client Says Armor Glass Prevented Break in

Today we received an email from a Houston area client who had our film installed in 2010 and apparently someone tried to break in:

“Hi, I had your film installed in 2010.  This morning I had a door window shattered with a hole from a large stone from an attempted break in.  Your film helped contribute to the failure of a break in.  I am having the glass replaced within the next few days and I would like to have film installed again.  The area is approx. 21.5″ x 64.5”.  Please contact me regarding this.  Thank You.

Wow. It’s nice to know that what we do does make a difference in peoples’ lives – a break in avoided. There is nothing worse than someone coming into your home and stealing stuff and violating your private space.

Just another example why everyone should have Armor Glass protection on their windows.