Category 4 Hurricane Joaquin Could Still Hit U.S.

Hurricane Joaquin, now a dangerous category 4 storm, is still causing problems for the Bahamas and poses a threat to the eastern U.S. seaboard.  It may or may not be like Hurricane Sandy that hit 3 years ago.


Forgetting how bizarre it is that HURRICANES are becoming common on the upper east coast (all the way to Maine), Joaquin could cause more damage from high winds and heavy rain.

We were getting calls today from as far up as New Jersey but frankly, if anyone has not already had Armor Glass installed its too late now – it takes time to travel, do measurements and install. People have a best a few days to prepare for Joaquin.

On top of that we have had another horrible school shooting – this one in Oregon, over 12 killed. Armor Glass has been protecting schools with our security film, but today we are in shock and mourning as much as everyone else.

Yesterday we finished installing our security film on the home of a radio host whose house was burglarized while he and his wife were out of town. They had a video system that captured the incident but then they realized that watching someone on video after they have broken in is not security.

So they had us put Armor Glass film on their windows since they said they felt insecure until we sent a crew. Get your free quote for Armor Glass BEFORE the hurricane or break-in happens, not after….

Burglars broke 13 inch wide window
Burglars broke 13 inch wide window