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Caller Mad About Ad Mentioning “Sandy Hook” – Why?

Full moon is right! This morning I found I had a phone message from a guy who called last night (full moon!) said “he heard our ad and was disgusted that i mentioned Sandy Hook.” He claimed our ad stated “our film would stop a bullet.”

I never make such claims about stopping bullets! It’s rated for a Level 2 explosion and Large Missile impact but no film will stop a bullet.  So i checked the caller ID and left him a message stating that.

He called back this morning and said “I am recording this and putting it on social media.” I said “So I should NOT mention Sandy Hook – so people won’t know about a potential solution to keep someone else from blowing in their school’s glass?”

“Yep,” he says. I said I don’t see the merit in leaving people ignorant about protecting their kids or their buildings. I mentioned that this was the same film used on the Pentagon after 9/11 and that I had been a terrorism analyst. His response? He blew it off as if it wasn’t real.

If you doubt that then I encourage you to go to Youtube and search “Michael Fjetland” and you will find TV appearances I made going back to 1991 on terrorism.

So, then he said he was going to put it on social media as a negative against us. Have at it dude. You are the only one to complain. I am more interested in educating the public on safety options then listening to someone who doesn’t want Sandy Hook mentioned.

Never should we forget the terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook. Burying it is not a solution. We have had a lot of schools across the country contact us about using our film on their schools for protection.

What’s wrong with that? Nothing that I can see. Having some kind of protection is better than none – which is what they have now.

Chalk it up to “full moon madness.”  We do have the right of free speech in this country. And I intend to continue speaking even if people don’t want to hear it. What I am saying is that kids now have zero protection. Anything that would DELAY a shooter from getting inside the glass would give more time for kids to shelter in place and police to arrive. What’s wrong with that?

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