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Burglaries & Hurricane Season 2010 vs 2005

The Weather Channel has an interesting story comparing hurricane season 2010 with the very active 2005 that brought us Rita, Katrina, etc.

The bottom line? That we are behind the number of storms that we had at this time in 2005 but that the peak doesn’t come until late August. And they also say that in 2004 nothing happened until August – then all hell broke loose with four major hurricanes that hit Florida.
The Houston Chronicle had an article today about burglaries – one happens every 30 minutes in Houston. They recommend making your windows impact resistant (or replacing them).
So, get prepared. We are not out of the woods yet. The HEAT is back after a couple weeks of rain. Our security film cuts it dramatically.
We are really busy – going to South Texas next week for a couple installations. Every day is a new day. I love this job!