Burglars love your glass. It’s as fragile as it was when it was invented 5,000 year ago – until Armor Glass® came along. One whack with a rock or a brick by a burglar and the glass shatters into a thousand pieces in less than a second, leaving an empty frame to crawl or walk through. Within two minutes, he can enter your house or office and be gone with your stuff – long before authorities will arrive, leaving you a mess.

Armor Glass®security films have prevented a number of burglaries for our clients over the past decade, including houses and office storefronts. It stopped a burglar less than 5 days after we installed it on a house window, even though the normal set time is 30 days!

Armor Glass®security films prevented a burglar from breaking in on a woman home alone after she didn’t answer a doorbell, thinking he would go away. He assumed no one was home.Burglar breach front glass retail Next thing she knew, a paver from their back yard hit the glass. Normally it would have gone through the glass and he would have followed it – and run right into her!  Nothing good would have resulted from that.  But the paver bounced off the glass, making a startling noise. She heard that and screamed. He heard that and took off! A horrible incident avoided all because of Armor Glass® security films.

Armor Glass®Adds a Layer of Safety

Glass is so fragile children can break it. A client of Armor Glass® installed our film on glass walls in their home. A month later friends came by with a child, who ran right into the glass wall –and broke the glass! Result? No blood, trip to ER, screams, stitches, disfigurement or ruined event. The child bounced off the glass unharmed! The broken glass was on the outside on the other side of the film, only the smooth film could be touched by the curious child. The rain stayed outside. The party went on until it could be replaced during the normal work week when a new glass window could be installed, avoiding a panic buying situation on triple overtime at night. That one incident more than paid for the film cost to those parents and owners.

Armor Glass®  Protects Commercial Owners from Storefront Breach

Our corporate clients have had a rash of break-ins of their storefronts, with thieves stealing big TV’s, etc. and leaving behind a chaotic mess.  After Armor Glass® security films were installed they have had “smashes” but to “grabs.”  Armor Glass® security films kept them out. Now those owners never want to leave home without Armor Glass® security films protecting their business 24/7, 365 days a year.

At the same time Armor Glass®security films are protecting the building from break-ins and hurricane-force winds, it is cutting solar heat (21% to 79% depending on the film chosen) and 99% of harmful UV. So our films are carbon negative, saving more in energy then it takes to make them. It is cutting electricity costs over the 12 year warranty period, so it can pay for itself in energy savings during its life.