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Breaking Glass to Steal Glasses – Another use for Armor Glass security

Every day I discover another valuable use for our security films that “armor your glass.” Friday I got an email from an eye doctor’s office.

It turns out that people are breaking the window glass to steal the eyeglass frames! Since I just got a new pair of glasses recently and they cost over $700 I can “see” why thieves would be targeting these valuable specimens made with high cost metals.

Same for pharmacies, storefronts and anyone with something valuable to steal. Breaking glass to enter a premises is EASY – just a hit or two and they are “in”!

The doc wanted the CLEAR film so people could still see the merchandise displayed inches from the glass wall, but not get to it even with a crowbar beating on it. We bond the film to the frames with a special structural sealant which holds the film to the frame. Without it, the tempered glass would detach from the frame and fall in!

Stay tuned for another chapter in the continuing saga of Armor Glass – protecting people and property like nothing else.