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It May FEEL Like VENUS: How to Beat the Record Heat and Weather Stronger Storms

Do you feel like your are melting into the pavement when its 99 like it is today, and will be tomorrow and the day after?  It could be worse, on our neighbor planet Venus its 864 degrees its thanks to runaway greenhouse effect.  It’s even hotter than the planet Mercury which is closer to the sun. It’s because its atmosphere is nothing but carbon dioxide (CO2).

NASA just released a report stating that 2016 is our “hottest year on record” and its not even over yet! Already a city in Iran reported a temperature of 169 degrees! That is a temperature in which human survival is at its limits. You can’t drink enough water at that point to keep from dehydrating.  In a way we are like the proverbial frog in the pot of water as it slowly heats up, not noticing we are cooked until its too late!

So, what’s the solution?  Amazingly enough, companies still make windows that leak HEAT like a sieve – 40% of your energy goes out the windows. That means that windows do nothing to reduce that shirt-staining solar heat coming into your building along with dangerous UV  that not only fades furnishing but is the No. 1 cause of skin cancer on humans.

The solution is to put a special film on ALL the glass to cut that heat and UV. You can do that with cheap solar film. But then you have another problem — security, or lack thereof.

All solar film does is cut heat but provides zero security on the weakest link of every building — its glass.

When glass breaks in a hurricane force wind event, its impact impact is uplift on the roof. Goodbye house. Thieves love it. Go ahead, hurl a brick into your window tonight and see for yourself. YEP. Your spouse will be mad as hell and you will have an empty frame and a big mess  (aside from possible divorce court when everyone gets the splinters out of the kids’ feet and the dog).   A burglar loves taking your paver and heaving it through it for the same reason. He’ll only be there a couple minutes anyway.

Why not solve BOTH problems at the same time? That’s what Armor Glass does – cuts that vicious sun in half while built to resist a brick hurled at your glass wall.

nasa-global- temperatures-map- 2016 hottest year on record so far

As the air heats up, as you can see in the NASA photo above, the molecules hold more water, so the winds are bigger and the rains are heavier. That is that much more force against your home or office building. The first thing that goes is the glass. Then all hell breaks out.

The good news is that by cutting the heat in half (or more), you cut your energy use and cost – enough to pay for itself over time, while protecting your family. What’s that worth? We wont be able to stop the heat (but we do need to take action to reduce CO2 to avoid becoming another Venus), but we can reduce the heat and armor our weakest link from threats by mother nature and human intrusion.  Armor Glass films are carbon negative – meaning our technology saves more energy than it takes to make it!

We have put it on everything from mobile trailers to million dollar homes, from NASA to homes of astronauts and retired teachers.

Check us our at and read “Houses of Straw” to see why that’s what most of us live in, until you add Armor Glass to your windows. Don’t leave home without it!