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Based on actual events…With Humor

This 30 second TV spot is intended to convey a serious message, yet mix in some humor.

The scenes are reenactments of actual events our Armor Glass clients have encountered – from attempted break-ins to a client dropping heavy plywood while dragging it up a ladder in high winds to get it on a 2nd story window. When the plywood hit the ground it broke a sprinkler head causing a water gusher as a result, with a hurricane bearing down. The man who dropped the plywood was a senior management guy running the space station (portrayed here by founder Michael Fjetland).

Several of our women clients have had men attempt to break-in their homes after Armor Glass film had been installed (one while she was home) yet fail to get in. If not for our Armor film, it would have been him and her, home alone. That couldn’t end well even if all he did was steal stuff.

We have put it on houses for retired teachers as well as players for Houston sports teams (e.g. the Texans) and a lot of regular folks. It has gone on the DEA offices and pharmacies, schools and offices. We put it on glass in a hospital ward to protect premature babies from gravel from nearby rooftops thrown by tornadoes, to name a few. It armors windows from explosions and wind-borne debris from hurricanes, or vandals swinging bricks.

All we left out was Armageddon and scenes from 2012. lol…

Its hard for cameras to show that its carbon NEGATIVE and saves enough energy to pay for itself. It’s “Green Security.”

How does our TV spot come across?

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