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Backlog Builds!

Our backlog is building up fast. We are now into booking installations of our hurricane-solar combo film in the 3rd and 4th week of June.

The HEAT is already intense and this is just early June! Most of our customers are going for the joint solar-security film. Some even want the Silver that rejects 79% of the heat, mirror effect or not. Others are picking either the Clear or our stainless film that is guaranteed to work with double paned windows.
We have a Sales Rep! His name is Jay and he used to sell windows – until he show our film sample taped to a customer’s window. The new windows were going to cost $11,000 for that house. The quote for our film was $4,000! He told them to buy the security film – then he called and said he’d rather sell our film than windows! I gave him a job and he’s selling three out of every four houses he visits.
Even if the customer had bought the new windows, they would still have to put our film on them to make them impact resistant! Two panes of glass do not make them impact windows – it only means that the debris or burglar breaks two panes instead of one to enter your premises.
The great thing is that our film “Armors Your Glass” whether it is single pane or double pane, and rejects from 50% to 79% of the solar heat coming through your glass, and 99% of the harmful UV that causes fading and skin cancer.
All of this for a fraction of the cost of shutters and you never have to put up plywood again!
Armor Glass films are a win-win-win.