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Former 911 TV Terrorism Analyst and founder of Armor Glass, Michael Fjetland has traveled the world as a technology negotiator and entrepreneur. Armor Glass was founded to provide security for the weakest link, the glass, which causes injury or structural failure when breached.

Check out this video which shows the power of a tiny amount of binary explosives – which could fit on the head of a pin. Our security film is explosion rated. The airlines should consider putting it on the inside of their windows – just in case…(It would also protect commercial buildings from storms and…

Right now a blizzard with 50+ mph winds is heading towards Long Island, where we installed our security window film on a new Chase bank building 1/2 mile from the Atlantic. They wanted it for hurricane protection, including those famous “nor‘easters.” About 10 days ago, a storage tank exploded in Seabrook, where I live. It…

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