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Australia’s CAT 4 storms – Sign of things to come for our summer storms

Two words: Prepare NOW.

Australia has the opposite seasons as us. They are peaking out their storm season with CAT 4 hurricanes bashing the coast (they call them ‘cyclones’ south of the equator but its the same thing.) One landed with winds of 155 miles per hour!

Their summer now is a prelude to what our summer will be like in the coming months as the seasons rotate. If their experience tells us anything, PREPARE for the worst and hope for the best.

Hurricane winds destroy buildings by breaking the glass, causing uplift on the roof.  Save the glass, save the building.

Armor Glass is designed to “armor the glass” you have with our high tech, high strength, impact-rated security films that also cut solar heat and dangerous UV. All for a fraction of what shutters and impact glass costs — with none of the pain of messing with heavy, ugly plywood.

The same film has kept BURGLARS from breaking in and is also used by SCHOOLS for shooter protection. What else does all that?

Ask for free quote today. Because if we get a CAT 4 storm, it is too late to call.

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