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Armor Glass “Rap” Song…

OK, it’s been a HOT summer even before summer and its making everyone crazy so I thought I’d join in. I figured we needed some comic relief.

I’m no rapper and certainly no threat to Jay Z or anyone else (I can’t even sing without scaring people), but here goes my attempt at rap.

Armor Glass “Rap” Song…

When da big winds start blowing

and breakin’ the neighbors glass

And you wonder ‘bout protecting your ass

Momma says you got no need to worry

You got that Armor Glass!

When da bad boys are coming down the street

Breaking windows in the heat

They got to be mad they couldn’t get through yours

Armor Glass Just Can’t Be Beat!

And if your head’s frying in the sun

From the solar blast

Just Cool it with Armor Glass!

So when storms are raging, wiping fast,

no need to worry about broken GLASS!

You got protection with Armor Glass!”

The “End”

Don’t worry. I’m not about to give up my “day” job to go into rap/songwriting! lol