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Architects in Texas Still Lagging on Technology Florida Knows Well

Last week I gave a presentation to AIA architects in Houston. At the beginning I asked the group of about 25 people “How many know about ‘security window film’?” About four hands went up.

That’s a pretty low percentage. It is only slightly better then the one person who raised his hand when I asked the same question during a similar presentation to AIA members a year or so ago.
When I bought my Clear Lake condo in January of this year, the real estate agent I worked with was originally from Florida. When he saw my car signs he started telling ME about security window film!
Very interesting – real estate agents from Florida are more familiar with the latest Hurricane protection technology then Texas architects. How can that be?
If the architects don’t know then how can a client building a building know how to protect it?
However, how can they know if no one informs them? The editors at Texas Architect magazine in Austin have shown no interest in publishing an article we submitted, explaining what security window film is. This is despite the fact my co-author works for NASA and went into detail on the engineering aspects of it. The article wasn’t about our company; it was about the technology and how it pays for itself in energy savings while protecting people and property from window breaks caused by wind-borne debris, burglars and explosions.
Impact glass is too expensive for most projects and its impossible to design impact windows in large panes. We are building glass palaces in a hurricane zone with ZERO protection from window blow outs. Heavy plywood is not an option, nor are expensive shutters on glass towers.
The windows of Chase Tower, for example, were SUCKED OUT by Hurricane IKE, costing millions in damages. Our Armor Glass security film, with frame bonding, would have kept all of them in place, even if broken! That is, it would have saved countless offices from being destroyed by the hurricane, along with the destruction of the surrounding buildings caused by the flying glass shrapnel.
I will say this. At least this year they seemed to be listening.
We are in the high tech 21st century. If we aren’t technology leaders then we are in serious trouble if we expect to compete with the rest of the world. Security window film has been on the federal buildings in Washington DC for a decade now! It was first used in the 70’s in Northern Ireland when the IRA was setting off car bombs that blew out windows.
I’d like to see more curiosity by our professionals to stay on the cutting edge of technology. By doing so, we could save billions in future storm losses, simply by incorporating technology like ours in existing and new buildings…