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Another Tropical Wave Forming in Caribbean – Bonnie?

A second tropical wave is forming in the vicinity that led to the formation of Hurricane Alex. If it grows into a storm it will probably not happen until it is in the southern Gulf of Mexico. If it becomes a storm it will be “Bonnie.”

The problem with this kind of storm is that the preparation time is so much shorter from formation to impact. Remember Humberto in 2007? It went from zero to a hurricane in just 24-hours!
Keep an eye on this thing. The past week Alex dumped rained like crazy as we worked our way through scheduled installations. One day we had to do a third story window from the outside because access was blocked on the inside (it was in an attic). So we had to rent a 40-foot ladder and the guys went up in the rain and did it. Luckily there was no real lightning but we were soaking wet before the day ended.
That’s one less person who needs to mess with plywood, especially since he had three floors of windows to cover!
I love this job! Get yourself prepared for more storms. The season is early and already active.