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All Week on a Rice University project..Safer and Greener

We worked all weekend finishing a project for Rice University…boy, am I bone tired! But now they are safer and GREENER – more secure and saving energy at the same time.

But what makes me feel good is when events like Saturday happened. Students we encountered volunteered how much COOLER the rooms were after our film was installed. One young lady came up to us and said “what a difference our film had made in her room.” She said it “dropped the temperature over 10 degrees!

During Hurricane IKE the Rice students were in jeopardy from unprotected glass. They were taken from one un-secured building to another, so the danger of flying glass was unavoidable. Several buildings lost windows and were heavily damaged by water, etc.

Not any more – at least in one location. On this dorm Rice has “armored their glass.” They are not only saving enough energy to pay for the film over time, they are now in a hurricane-secure location so they can “shelter in place.” The film has passed the Large Missile test (4.5 lb. Level C) and the PA-201, 203 Miami Dade Protocols.

Because the same film is blast-rated (GSA Level 2), this young Rice student and others like her would even be safe from an explosion outside their dorm rooms, as well as wind-borne debris during a hurricane.

On the ground floor students (or any homeowner) are secure from a burglar breaking through the glass, keeping both students and their valuables safe.

In fact someone tried to break into one of our clients’ homes 5 days after we installed it last year, — and FAILED to get in. What a difference it can make – no burglary! No loss of personal assets. No water damage during a storm.

Our films are “carbon negative” – meaning that they save more energy than it takes to make the film! It is an “Energy Star” product that also generates 1-4 LEED credits.

We anchored the Rice U Armor Glass film to the frames because it is tempered glass. We also used a special light film on their frosted glass to avoid changing its color. Yet it still cut close to 50% of the solar heat getting into the rooms! The other film we used cuts over 55% of the solar heat entering the glass. All of the films cut 99% of deadly, harmful UV rays.

What a wild busy year it has become…I enjoy knowing that what we do PROTECTS people and their property.

I can’t find a thing wrong with that…not ever. Not anywhere.