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A Critical Component – If it is missing this, the installation will FAIL…

Here is the second test of Armor Glass security film we did on a Houston area school – they wanted to see that an installation WOULD FAIL IF the installer didn’t use the recommended attachment to the frame…I guess a negative proof is still proof!

So you will see that as the officer hits the glass eventually the glass detachs from the frame and falls out –with the film still holding the glass in a solid sheet.  But you still end up with an empty frame someone walks through.

If the film was bonded to the frame it stays attached to the steel — making it extremely difficult for anyone to penetrate (like a shooter, wind-borne debris etc). That difference in strength is demonstrated in THIS video of our test of Armor Glass film WITH Frame Bonding.

States should put film that meets our specs in every school in the entire state! It would save their operating costs on energy (enough to pay for it over time) while it also protects students from both storms and shooters 24/7.  It’s a “no brainer” decision. Green and Security combined!

If you watch the Armor Glass videos you will see why.