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A Case for Armor Glass – Congress Vandalism

Photos: Congress offices Vandalized By Unhappy Thugs

Over 1/2 million sq. ft. of Armor Glass security film was installed in Washington DC after 9/11.
Now it is needed to protect local Congressional offices attacked by vandals unhappy with how their Congressional representative voted.
What’s next? A bomb blast? Americans attacking Americans?
Armor Glass security film has passed the GSA 3a/3b blast test. And the large missile test (e.g. bricks, pavers). And the hurricane tests. It would have prevented millions in damages to the buildings in Houston that lost windows during Hurricane IKE.
We have been getting a lot of calls and emails from people who have had break-ins by the other thugs out there. They are throwing bricks, pavers, etc. through the glass. It isn’t hard for them to breach your privacy, mess with your stuff, and worse…
Whether it is a brick thrown by a local thug, a vandal breaking glass to make a point, or hurricane-force winds, more and more it is becoming clear how much people, companies and governments need Armor Glass security films for protection from threats both human and from mother nature…
I recommend getting Armor Glass protection before it happens to you.