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A 3 headed Cyclone Beast (Triple Hurricanes) and CAT 5 is Ripping the Southern Hemisphere NOW

A triple-headed monster of 3 hurricanes (called cyclones in that part of the world) are surrounding Australia – one of them a CAT 5, one of the biggest storms on record. Here is a photo:

In 2013 this area experienced another CAT 5, which are becoming “normal’…..(Our winter in the northern hemisphere is summer south of the equator, hence it is their season for hurricanes).

Our hurricane season will start June 1.

What is happening in the Pacific is a warning of what could lie ahead for us as the Atlantic heats up.  We better get prepared for monster storms of our own.  It is only a matter of “when” not “if” another one will strike.

Studies show that glass breaks from wind-borne debris in storms is what leads to roof uplift and structural collapse. Read more about how to protect your weakest link from breach in “Houses of Straw” at our website, where it is a free download, then contact us.

Because it is too late to call when a monster is already bearing down on our coast…Protect your family and property by being prepared. Our technology will also pay for itself in energy savings and provide burglar protection in the meantime.