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30% Tax Credit Ends Dec 31 – 2011 Predicted to be BUSY Hurricane year

The 30% tax credit for window film installations (up to $1,500) runs out December 31, 2010. It does NOT appear that it will be extended in 2011 even if the new tax bill passes.

Early signs point to 2011 being an “active” Hurricane year. Don’t count on us getting “lucky” again in 2011 like we did in 2010. In fact, 2010 clocked in as one of the hottest years on record – which means more solar heat next year and the potential of larger hurricanes from the excess heat building up in the Atlantic.

We have been busy doing last minute residential installations as well as some large commercial ones. Our “green” technology pays for itself in reduced energy consumption (up to 30%), meaning it can pay for itself in as little as 5 years.

The December winds are howling outside – a good reminder that every year we face the same threat of hurricane force winds for at least 6 months out of every year, year after year.

In fact, Prince Charles and Camilla could have used our film on their car – when the glass was broken by protesters they encountered recently in London. Our film kept a burglar from breaking into a single lady’s house in Houston a mere 5 days after it was installed.

Are you prepared?