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2nd EF5 in 11 days in OKLAHOMA – EF5’s used to be RARE.

Above: EF5 Tornado

Above: Moore Oklahoma hospital hit by EF5…

Since 1950 – over 60 years of weather history, there have been only 60 EF tornadoes in the U.S. per this Wikipedia entry. That’s about one PER YEAR.

In the last 11 days, there have been TWO EF5 tornadoes in Okahoma – the last one in Reno, a few miles west of Moore, OK! This should NOT be happening. Why are we suddenly getting more of these Nuclear tornadoes?

It was 2 and 1/2 MILES WIDE! Imagine being on the ground next to something that is almost 3 miles WIDE, twisting back and forth with 200 to 300 mph winds full of lethal debris it sucks from the ground below. At 200 mph even a small inch sliver of wood would pass through a body.

While only an underground shelter can save anyone from a direct hit by an EF5, it  is obvious that we are seeing BIGGER storms.  And MORE FREQUENT Storms. More Dangerous Storms.

In 5,000 years of the history humans have made and used glass for windows the technology has changed hardly at all.  It remains the weakest link of every structure we have built. It’s the most fragile material — so fragile that a child can break it simply by falling on it, cutting them with shards.

Even tempered glass in a car can blow in when hit by flying debris during a tornado, hurricane or high wind event. When it breaks, shards can cut arteries if you are hit by it. Tempered glass is like shrapnel from a  grenade. Every window blown out by a hurricane or tornado turns into flying glass bombs that rip into human bodies. But if its contained in a polycarbonite film, at worst it is only one piece of glass. At best, it avoids a breach of a window, allowing uplift on the roof and water/mold damage.

Don’t you think its time to “Armor YOUR Glass” ???

Or do you drive a 5,000 year old car? LOL.

Think about it. You’ll find in these blog entries WHY you should ask us to come talk to you…