HEADS UP! Gulf is HOT HOT HOT. Is your Glass ready for Howling Winds?

HEADS UP! We have a Tropical disturbance entering the Gulf of Mexico. This time it looks like Texas is in the target zone. This one may be more rain than fury but its a warning shot over our bow.

It is just a warm-up act and will not be the last storm of the season, folks. The Gulf waters are HOT HOT HOT – averaging over 86 degrees, a record amount of heat this early in the season. Usually, its late August before we get to this point – and that’s when the storms start taking off. Any water over 80 degrees is jet fuel for hurricanes.

All this boils down to you sitting in a house with fragile windows with winds hurling objects at them. Window failure is what leads to internal damages, mold, roof uplift, and structural failure. Get prepared because you are sitting in a house made of “straw” with a weak link that is so fragile a child can break it.

Buckle your seat-belts folks, the lady said: “It’s going to be a bumpy ride” for the next few months. We’ve got both pandemic and Mother Nature going wild.

Armor your “castle” since its where you want to be right now. Don’t be there without Armor Glass security films “armoring the glass” when the winds start howling. Don’t be sitting there wishing you had called us in the calm before the storm. It’s too late for us to help you.

We had people call just as Hurricane Harvey was coming ashore, wanting us to send a crew into a storm that would have washed them off the road if they had been dispatched. They stayed home.

The same people called again — months later after the damage had been repaired and skies were clear. We put Armor Glass on their windows and now they are ready for the next storm (and burglar).

Are you?