Record Tornadoes And Hurricane Season Starts with a Possible Storm

After 12 days of a record TORNADO outbreak wrecking buildings across the U.S., we now enter HURRICANE Season (combined with Tornadoes).  Tornadoes wreck buildings by throwing debris through windows, just like a hurricane.
Tomorrow June 1 Begins HURRICANE Season. It is 6 months of threat every year, year after year.
And right on cue we have a tropical depression in the Southern Gulf of Mexico. Unlike Atlantic storms these babies always go into either Mexico or Texas, depending on where they fire up.
The Gulf waters are HOT. They are 85 in Galveston. Any water temps over 80 degrees are jet fuel to these storms. That is what they feed on…the hotter the water the bigger the storm.
GET prepared! Aside from batteries, extra food, generators make sure to armor the weakest link of your house or building — its GLASS. Once it breaks due to wind-borne debris it is immediate UPLIFT ON THE ROOF. Not to mention the internal damages from wind and rain, mold – months of reconstruction due to a darn window break.  Forget all that with Armor Glass!
A 2004 study of the hurricanes that hit Florida found that WINDOW PROTECTION was key to surviving a big wind event. It didn’t matter if it was the expensive shutters, heavy plywood or the least costly option — Armor Glass security film — it all worked!
Armor Glass advantages is that it works 24/7 providing security while cutting solar heat and dangerous UV at the same time, and costs less than impact glass and shutters (substantially less). And it is also providing burglar break-in protection since they love how easy it is to get through ordinary window glass — in less than 1 second!
But do it NOW because its too late to call when the storm has a name. Protect your biggest asset. Armor Glass has been providing this protection for over a decade. Contact us today.

Tornadoes Ripping Texas Oklahoma ….How they destroy buildings

TORNADOES are ripping across North Texas and Oklahoma as I write.  Over 85 of the have been reported since Friday. The threat runs from San Angelo to north of Oklahoma City.
Tornadoes destroy like hurricanes — they throw debris through the windows, causing instant UPLIFT on the roof which blows roof off and walls out. That is how it blows your house/building apart! HAIL will break windows and allow damaging wind and rain inside. You can do something to protect yourself.
Armor Glass security film “armors your glass” so that impacts won’t easily breach the windows and glass doors. It will keep hail from breaching your glass and damaging the interior. It’s been tested to Miami Dade standards and has passed the Large Missile impact test (4.5 lb. Level C–like a brick smashing into it).
Every year these threats will continue. We live in “Houses of Straw” and need to armor the weakest link, the windows, or watch them blow away in the wind, with people still inside.

Possible first Tropical Storm and Its Not Even Hurricane Season yet

Hurricane season does not start until June 1 –and storms don’t normally start rolling until August or September — but we already have the seasons first tropical storm forming!
This could mean an early start to the season. Get prepared now!
Hurricanes destroy buildings by throwing wind-borne debris through the weakest link — the glass –which causes internal damage and uplift on the roof. That is what leads to structural failure.

Hurricanes are Wiping Out Crops on Other Side of Planet – We next?

Meanwhile, on the OTHER SIDE of the planet, Hurricane FANI wiped out 1/3 of India’s crops.  On earth each hemisphere alternatives seasons. What they are experiencing now could be our future, and vice versa.
Will this soon be our fate as our hurricane season begins in 2 weeks?  The ocean temperatures are soaring. The hotter air is making these storms Super-charged.
Houston has had 3 five hundred year events in 3 consecutive years. Harvey was a 1,000 year event. Yet two days ago a 1 day rain flooded the city from Sugar land to Kingwood with massive rains. 
Take NOTHING for granted in this new era. The TWO threats are (1) Flood and (2) Wind damage from hurricane-force winds destroying windows that leads to roof loss, internal damages, structural failure.
Being Prepared Means this:
Armor Your Weakest Link.
Stay elevated.
Hunker down.

How to Protect Yourself when living in “Houses of Straw”

Houston is on Weather Channel – we had 3 to 12 inches, some of it falling at 6.5 inches PER HOUR! Even places in North Texas are under water. In 18 hours, Sugar Land (burb of Houston in the south) had over 12 inches of rain and same thing was happening in Kingwood to the north.
Residents say it felt worse than Hurricane Harvey when it seemed like we were living under a waterfall for a week! he forecast is for more of these micro-Harveys-like storms pounding us next few days.
THIS is Climate change folks. Denying it won’t make it go away — or cause less damage. Extreme weather events are now “normal.” Harvey was just 2 years ago–our 3rd 500 year storm in the past 3 years. So in reality 500 year storms are now an annual event!
Harvey was ranked as a thousand year event. But the next one is not 1,000 years away: its already happening again this year! It will happen again next year. The best strategy you can follow is to prepare. How? Read on.
We have to address it inside of sticking our heads in the sand thinking that not seeing the wolf approaching will avoid becoming its meal. The military said climate change is a national security threat.  It is costing us BILLIONS each year in losses like this: flooded cars and houses.
So we need to do 2 things for future storms: (1) Flood engineering – which means adding systems for storm water removal, and adopting new technology like permeable concrete to let water soak in  and building higher off the ground as well as (2) upgrading the weakest link of every building (its glass) to prepare for future storms (when glass fails winds enter and uplift your roof.)
We are living in “Houses of Straw.”  Armor Glass can’t protect you from high water but we can “armor your glass” from the hurricane-force winds that are also the biggest threat to the security of your house or business from these increasingly bigger storms generated by hotter air.

Bad Signs for Hurricane season

As our hurricane season approaches south of the equator is at its peak for hurricanes – and could be a sign of what is to come in the USA later this summer.  We are seeing a series of CAT 4 hurricanes pummel, Africa, Australia and now India…..

Hotter ocean waters lead to higher wind speeds. Windborne debris breaking a window is what leads to roof uplift and structural damage/failure.

“Armor your Glass” now to prepare – no more heavy plywood or ‘boarding up’!