“Too Many Break ins in my Neighborhood – I want protection”

Just got a call from another homeowner who said their neighborhood is having a lot of break-ins and wanted a quote.
Don’t let happen to you. get Armor Glass security film today.
Ironically, she found out about us by seeing one of our vans in the Houston Medical Center. We’ve been doing some work for one of the hospitals there recently (VIP area, etc.).
Every piece of glass on the planet is an accident waiting to happen and needs our impact-rated Armor Glass® film covering it to keep it from causing injury, damage or death.
In our history, Armor Glass® security film has kept the following horrible acts from happening:
1) Prevented a child from being bloodied and scared after running into and breaking a large window. No blood, screams, stitches, trip to ER. No ruined event.
2) Prevented a woman from being confronted by a burglar who threw a stone into her bedroom glass wall when no one answered his knock on the front door. Stones go through regular glass. It bounced off Armor Glass®.
3) Prevented houses from being damaged by hurricanes and eliminated the need to “board up” windows. No need to store bug-infested plywood for years or ask for Superman to lift heavy sheets of wood two stories up.
3) Prevented an out-of-control motorcyclist from flying through the glass of a restaurant he hit. His body would have flown through the glass and injured or killed diners inside, resulting in millions in legal and medical costs and horrible headlines for the owner.
4) Prevented numerous break-in’s in offices, stores and houses of our clients.
5) Prevented errant golf balls from blasting through windows, spraying thousands of glass particles over entire rooms, slicing anyone stepping on the smallest piece. Armor Glass® film captured it all–no clean up required.
Armor Glass is now guarding school entrances, homes of retired teachers and glass at NASA’s Mission Control.
In addition to the above it also cuts solar heat 50% or more and 99% of harmful UV. Even our clear film 8 mil cuts 21% of solar heat and 99% UV. It’s the most affordable security technology available. And its an energy saver.
Check us out and ask for a quote to prevent a bad day due to fragile, dangerous glass. Armor it today.

“I live in Northern Ireland. I am sure its a …strong market here.” Ironic because it all started there…

I just got an email from a guy in Northern Ireland who said:
“I live in Northern Ireland and I am sure there would be a strong market for your product here and throughout the UK.
Best regards,
So here is my response back to him (with some history added in for those who don’t remember:
Ironically, the development of our product, generically known as security window film, had its start in Northern Ireland. The need for the technology of protecting windows from blast waves from explosions arose during the 70’s series of car bombings called “the troubles” in Northern Ireland. (That was when car bombs were due to IRA (Irish Republican army), not Al Qaida that didn’t exist then.)
The manufacturer has dealers where you are. I hope there isn’t a return to the troubles due to Brexit. I have been to Limerick and Dublin and really liked the Irish people.  Glad to hear from you.
I once met a guy from Northern Ireland who told me what happened.  He said that the IRA would call the police and say something like “Car bomb is going off in 2 minutes.” (unlike Al Qaida and ISIS, who never give warnings).  The police would hit a button and sirens would blare. He said:  “When you heard the siren, you ran away from the windows as fast as you could –because when the blast wave hit the windows, the glass exploded into people’s faces.”  A glass grenade kills as easily as one made of steel. So the 70’s troubles in Ireland was when they first developed this special film to put on glass to contain it when impacted by violent forces.
It didn’t catch on in the U.S. until the 911 wake up call.  Someone woke up. In 2002, over 500,000 s.f. of the same 8 mil security film that Armor Glass sells today was put on Washington DC federal buildings from the Pentagon to Congress to the White House.
It’s still there, doing its job.  The same film also provides hurricane and tornado protection, which kill buildings by hurling debris through the glass, causing instant uplift as the winds try to find a way out. That leads to structural damage or collapse.
The identical film is being used by schools to keep shooters at the glass entrance instead of bullets blowing out the glass in 2 seconds, leaving an empty frame they can walk though and disappear down a hallway inside a giant building where they can do horrible stuff until police can find them. Our film will delay them at the glass entrance, where police can see them  — and engage to take them out.
Armor Glass® saves lives in many ways. And it saves energy costs, cuts solar heat and harmful UV rays. Every pane of glass on the planet should have it on it. How about protecting your glass and your building with Armor Glass® security film today?

Why Burglars Hate Us – LOL

Just got this email from an architect:

“I installed Armor Glass film on my old home. I just purchased a new home and would like have you guys look at and quote a price to install the same armor glass security film. You guys have an amazing product.”

And check this out. Our security film was on the glass front door of this condo when a guy tried to break in…he didn’t get in. The neighbor called 911 and watched him try to get in for 10 minutes – until the police showed up and arrested him prior to entry.

Burglars HATE us. lol.