Letter from Floria

I am sharing the following email I just received:
Thank you so much for the information. You should get approved by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation in Florida. We are sooo in need of your product here in Florida. My husband is a Contractor and just went to CE classes and brought up your product. Everyone (about 60 contractors) was amazed and wanted to know more about it. They didn’t even know this kind of product was even available. I wasn’t able to find anyone that installed your specific product here in South Florida. I am a homeowner dealing with Hurricane Mitigation with the Insurance company’s and was looking for a less expensive alternative when I found your website. The prices are unbelievable to change out to impact. Although we have impact windows through out our house, my sliders and front door are not. You should research getting your product approved by Florida’s DPBR, it could be very profitable for your company and contractors in Florida as well.
Thank you for a response and your time. Please contact us if you get Miami Dade approved in Florida, would love to be part of your growth here.
Thanks again, Renee”
Dear Renee, Thank you so much. In Florida, shutter companies have blocked our product from being marketed as “hurricane” protection even though it is. You can call it “burglar” protection instead, which it also is. Vote for a different legislator.
Best regards,

HEAT Kills – Hurricane Report

Heat KILLS, and we have been getting some killer heat recently – near 100 degrees. Amarillo had a record 105 last week.

Meanwhile, African dust is spreading across all the way to Texas and Mexico, suppressing storm formation for now but that won’t last.  In the Pacific, we are seeing an active hurricane season.

We have been getting a lot of calls from people who are either focused on hurricane preparation or want burglar protection now with the added bonus of not having to ‘board up’ when the next hurricane-force winds hit.

Don’t call us when a named storm has formed because…everyone else will be calling and its impossible to prepare at the last minute. Our reps need to come inspect the glass, determine which is plate glass (which needs only our security film) and which is tempered glass (which also needs a frame bonding to anchor the glass to the frame).

It’s FREE, so why not ask – before the next storm?  If you select the energy saver security film, it will not only cut 50% of this record heat, but it rejects that heat from getting inside your building, cutting in half the heat your air conditioner has to treat. That saves energy and that saves money, enough to pay for itself over time!


CAT 5 Rages in Pacific – Warning to us in Atlantic

Taiwan is about to get hit by the biggest hurricane (Typhoon) in 16 years. The Pacific has already had THREE CAT 5 storms this year!
It’s a warning to us on the Atlantic side – the storms are getting stronger than the Houses of Straw we live in…armor your glass to protect the weakest link. When a window blows out, the roof blows off.