School break-ins. Armor Glass to the rescue

We just finished putting our solar security film on a school in Sugar Land which shall remain nameless to protect their confidentiality.

Why did they want it? Because they were broken into recently. The vandals/thieves had an entire wall of glass to choose from – it really didn’t matter which glass window they choose to hit; it was easily breached.

When the school owners turned up the next day, the damage was done. They chose not the CLEAR film, which works as well, bu the TINTED SECURITY film which also cuts 50% of the solar heat that radiates through their glass, increasing their energy costs. It also knocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays that children are exposed to even when they are playing inside regular glass windows.

Armor Glass film not only secure from breach by burglars, but in the event a shooter should try to enter, it will block entry, giving them time for police to arrive and engage and the school time to lock down.

And in the next hurricane-force wind event, from a hurricane, severe storm or tornado, the staff and children will be able to “Shelter in Place”  more protected from flying glass from an impact by wind-borne debris than they have ever been.

Check out our free book “Houses of Straw” (which is what we live and work in) and ask for a Free Quote to protect your loved ones today.

It is still the least costly protection available on the market.

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Protecting Our Kids – How Armor Glass is Hardening Schools Weakest Link

Glass poses a threat to school security because it is so easily breached — by a shooter or wind-borne debris in hurricane-force winds.

This 3 minute video shows how Armor Glass is protecting schools from shooters and mother nature’s threats by “Hardening” the building’s weakest link..

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Tornado WARNING in Texas – Hurricane force winds

Outside my window the wind is beginning to SCREAM. Winds up to 72 miles per hour were recorded in DFW area today, heading towards Houston.
hurricane force winds without hurricane march 8 2016 dallas
Texas Weather Alert! Tornado WARNINGS are in effect. We are looking at potential tornadoes across Texas all the way to Houston.
NOTICE — We are having Hurricane-force winds WITHOUT THE HURRICANE! It’s part of the “new normal” of superheated air causing bigger storms that cause more damage.
Be careful – window breaks from wind-borne debris is what blows houses apart. Flying glass kills…
Armor Glass security films “armor the glass” to avoid the breach and the loss. As I look out over the angry lake whipped up by ever strengthening winds, I know that I am sitting behind an invisible barrier that has given my glass the strength to take a 4.5 lb. brick into it, or winds up to 175 miles per hour. I am no longer living in a “house of straw” as those who don’t have it.
In this storm, if you haven’t got Armor Glass protection on your windows working 24/7/365, shelter in place but STAY AWAY from the windows during the high winds, especially if tornado winds rise. We document why in our website book “Houses of Straw.”
Heads up! MORE of these will be coming so prepare in advance without delay. A harbinger of things to come are the series of CAT 5 storms in the Pacific and the January Atlantic hurricane, the first time in over 70 years we had one that early! !
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Watch Our Film versus Assault Rifle…

I just returned from a 3 day conference with our manufacturer, who has produced this amazing video on how our security film stops an intruder with an assault weapon from blowing through the glass….

It is slowing him down to give police time to engage and those inside time to lock down. Check out the video:

Get more info at our website: