If you Would Like an Insurance Discount for Installing Security Film, contact your Rep (link below)

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24 Feb 2015
Honorable Members of the Texas Legislature
Request for insurance discount for building owners, per below.  Did you know that Certified Security Window Film has:
·        ProtectedTexas homeowners from burglarbreak-ins?
·        Protected Texas offices and homes from hurricane and tornado wind-borne debris that breaches glass, drastically cutting insurance losses?
·        Saved enough energy by cutting solar heat and harmful UV  to pay for itself over time?
·        Was installed on all federal buildings in Washington DC after 9/11?
·        Would have delayed the Newtown Sandy Hook shooter from entering the glass building, giving police time to arrive and students’ time to take shelter?
·        Would lower construction costs in windstorm areas & insurance losses from storms and theft?
Nearly 40% of our population lives near the coast, subject to the threat of hurricane-force winds every year. All of our population live in areas hit by break-ins 24/7 365 days a year. Glass is the weakest link of every building – a burglar or a shooter can break and enter unprotected glass in less than two seconds!
We put Security Window film on a lady’s house. Five (5) days later someone tried to break through one of her windows which had our film, and failed to get in.  A child broke glass running into it and wasn’t hurt. Houston’s Chase Tower had over $5 million in damages during Hurricane IKE due to windows being sucked out by the winds. Our film would have avoided those damages and millions of dollars in similar damages caused by window breaks. We installed it on a DEA office in Houston and homes of teachers.
Solar film only blocks the sun – it has no breach resistant qualities. Security Window Film is four times thicker and can block the sun as well as “armor the glass” which is the weakest link of every building.
Security Window film costs a fraction of Shutters and Impact Glass – its three to ten times less.
We request an insurance discount for owners who install 8 mil Security Window Film that has passed the Large Missile Impact (4.5 lb. Level C – ASTM 1186/1996) on all windows & required Dow 995. If so, Texas property owners would save millions in property losses and energy costs; Insurance companies would save millions in claims from break-ins and storm losses. No cost to state! Big savings for Texans!
Few Texas architects and builders are aware of this vital technology that is protecting our nation’s capital. “Houses of Straw” is available FREE at and subscribe to our blog.


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Former Terrorism Analyst Seeks Insurance Discount for Texans Who Install Security Window Film

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Former Terrorism Analyst Seeks Insurance Discount for Texans Who Install 
Security Window Film To Protect Their Homes and Businesses. 
It Cuts Property Damage and Injuries
While Paying for Itself in Energy Savings
21 February 2015                              
Immediate Release

Recently a small child ran into a glass wall shortly after Armor Glass security film was installed and broke the glass. If not for the security-rated film, she would have been taken to an emergency room for cuts, injuries and medical bills. Instead, the film shielded her from broken glass and she was fine.
About the same time, a woman was home alone when a burglar attempted to break through the glass in her back yard shortly after Armor Glass security film was installed. He failed. In each case, certified security film (sometimes called “safety film”) avoided loss and injuries.
What is that worth? 
How many thousands of dollars in insurance losses was avoided because of this technology that costs a fraction of impact glass and shutters? 
How much personal stress and anxiety was avoided?
Michael Fjetland, President of Armor Glass®, based in Houston (Sugar Land), TX, has requested the Texas legislature give homeowners an insurance discount if they install security window film equivalent to what Armor Glass provides — because it cuts property losses and personal injury by “armoring the glass.” 
Glass is a 5,000 year old technology — the weakest link of every building. A home is often the biggest asset most people own.  Thin, fragile glass leaves it vulnerable to destruction. 
Hurricane Ike in 2008 caused over $5 million of dollars in damages to the Chase Tower in Houston when it sucked out windows from one side of the building, shutting it down for months of rehab, mold issues, etc. Armor Glass film and frame attachment would have prevented the huge financial loss from the property damage and operating downtime. Imagine how many billions of dollars the installation of Armor Glass would have saved. The problem is not just hurricanes and tornadoes, but a constant one nationwide with broken glass caused by; vandals, burglars, hail, mowers throwing rocks, hurricanes, tornadoes, errant golf balls, etc.

Security/safety films like Armor Glass upgrades this ancient glass technology for the first time. Details
about how it works are provided in Michael Fjetland’s  EBook “Houses of Straw” which is FREE for download at
“Our security film has been used to secure courthouses, police stations, community centers and houses on Galveston Bay which took the brunt of Hurricane Ike. It has protected our clients from home invasions. It’s rated for a bomb blast,” said Armor Glass® President and founder, Michael Fjetland, who was a terrorism analyst on TV before and after 9/11 and served as a Fortune 500 international legal negotiator
before founding Armor Glass®.
“It would also cut millions from construction costs of new buildings, especially those in coastal areas if it were used as a substitute for impact glass or shutters which cost three to ten times more per square foot.”
”I hope the Texas legislature will see the wisdom of economically encouraging this technology by providing a reasonable insurance discount that would cost the state nothing, yet it would cut injuries to Texans, cut property losses and reduce harm to their children or themselves. A house or building is typically a person’s largest asset. Certified security films dramatically cut insurance company costs by protecting the interior of the building from damage.
                                         A “Win – Win – Win for Texas and Texans
Fjetland states, “A discount on insurance premiums for use of safety/security films would make Texans safer with the benefit of reducing cooling costs in the Texas’ brutal summer heat. It is a win-win for everyone involved, with insurance losses significantly reduced, lower utility costs and an increased level of security for the consumer, and with the added benefit of removing over 99 percent of the UV.
Michael Fjetland’s bottom line: “I believe the benefits of lower insurance losses should be shared with consumers. Many owners need the insurance discount (and tax credits) as an incentive to make the investment. Everyone would benefit under my proposal — Texans and insurance companies alike.
If you agree, please let your legislature representatives know.”
For More information, contact Michael Fjetland (pronounced “Fetland”) and/or download his FREE Ebook “Houses of Straw” via the Armor Glass® website at: or Cell 713-213-5080.  

Australia Getting Hitting By Duel Hurricanes – CAT 5 Record – Our turn this summer?

There is not one but TWO Hurricanes hitting Australia as this is written.

One was a CAT 5 and hit as a CAT 4 – a new record!  Our winter is their summer – meaning we could be in for this when our summer comes June….

Get your glass armored before that happens…too late to call when its on the radar.