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2015 RECORD CAT 4, 5 Hurricane season – Beware our turn… just released an article stating that 2015 has set a new RECORD for CAT 4 and CAT 5 storms – 20 in the Pacific versus the old record of 18.

Reason? Record HEAT in the Pacific. The one Atlantic hurrican, Joaquin, also hit CAT 4.  Reading the tea leaves tells me that when the Atlantic is as HOT as the Pacific Ocean, then “Katy-bar-the-door” because all hell will break loose on the east coast and gulf coasts.

Soudelor Super Typhoon August 2015

Above photo is looking into the eye wall of a Super Typhoon.

As “Houses of Straw” documents, hurricane-force winds destroy building by blowing out the weakest link- the windows-allowing winds to enter the building and uplift the roof. Protect the glass and you protect your biggest asset from blowing away.

But don’t wait for the storm to be approaching to act. It’s too late at that point for anyone to act. Get a free quote from us today…