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Hawaii Faces Double Trouble Hurricanes – How Hurricanes/Tornadoes Blow A Building Apart

Hawaii hasn’t seen a hurricane since 1992, and that hit as a tropical storm. It has never been hit by a hurricane!  This week it faces not one but two double trouble Hurricanes – Iselle and Julio.

Iselle is a CAT 1 storm at the moment. Julio is a CAT 2, both minimum hurricanes at the moment. Again, here is what hurricanes (and tornadoes) do to a structure to destroy it – windborne debris breaks the weakest link of the buildings–its glass windows. Winds enter and produce UPLIFT on the roof, blowing out the walls, just like it did to the house below:

So, before a hurricane or tornado hits, ARMOR your glass (below):

It’s not just for hurricanes.

Armor Glass just avoided a CHILD being injured when it ran into this window – and broke the glass! But the child hit our film instead. The broken glass was on the OUTSIDE, with 8 mil of Armor Glass in between…

And it stops BURGLARS, Golf balls, Hail, etc….while saving energy enough to pay for itself.

Finally, see how EASY it is to break through your glass…(using regular window from Home Depot):

burglaries burglars smash and grab storefront break ins.

Anatomy of a Burglary

This video was taken by a home security system of a break in on July 14, 2014 in Houston.  We have edited it down to less than 2 minutes…

Notice that having cameras viewing burglar suspects does NOT keep them from breaking in – they don’t even open the door they broke to avoid setting off an alarm!

Only Armor Glass security film on those glass doors would have made a difference. And covering only a few windows won’t cut it – you can’t predict which glass entry they will choose.

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