A Critical Component – If it is missing this, the installation will FAIL…

Here is the second test of Armor Glass security film we did on a Houston area school – they wanted to see that an installation WOULD FAIL IF the installer didn’t use the recommended attachment to the frame…I guess a negative proof is still proof!

So you will see that as the officer hits the glass eventually the glass detachs from the frame and falls out –with the film still holding the glass in a solid sheet.  But you still end up with an empty frame someone walks through.

If the film was bonded to the frame it stays attached to the steel — making it extremely difficult for anyone to penetrate (like a shooter, wind-borne debris etc). That difference in strength is demonstrated in THIS video of our test of Armor Glass film WITH Frame Bonding.

States should put film that meets our specs in every school in the entire state! It would save their operating costs on energy (enough to pay for it over time) while it also protects students from both storms and shooters 24/7.  It’s a “no brainer” decision. Green and Security combined!

If you watch the Armor Glass videos you will see why.


Thieves break in — by jumping on roof!

Usually we tell clients to put Armor Glass on their first floor windows for burglar protection, and on the second story for hurricane protection. Well….

Here is a news item that shows burglars breaking in through a 2nd floor window after jumping on the roof!

Best bet: Armor ALL your windows!



Client Says Armor Glass Prevented Break in

Today we received an email from a Houston area client who had our film installed in 2010 and apparently someone tried to break in:

“Hi, I had your film installed in 2010.  This morning I had a door window shattered with a hole from a large stone from an attempted break in.  Your film helped contribute to the failure of a break in.  I am having the glass replaced within the next few days and I would like to have film installed again.  The area is approx. 21.5″ x 64.5”.  Please contact me regarding this.  Thank You.

Wow. It’s nice to know that what we do does make a difference in peoples’ lives – a break in avoided. There is nothing worse than someone coming into your home and stealing stuff and violating your private space.

Just another example why everyone should have Armor Glass protection on their windows.


Protecting Patients with Dementia Breaking Windows

Of all the uses for Armor Glass security film, I had not counted on this one.

A man called to say he wanted to install our security film on a room where an elderly lady was a patient. She apparently has some dementia and has been breaking the windows every three or four weeks, risking serious injury.

Putting security film on the glass would avoid that – even if the glass was broken. The film would provide a protective barrier between her and the shards. It would also protect little kids who run into glass.

It’s amazing the diverse uses of Armor Glass security film…


June 1 It’s NOT Supposed to Be WEIRD Already – But SOMETHING is forming in the GULF

This should NOT be happening. It’s been forecast as a “dud” year and even when its not nothing really starts in the hurricane season until August or September…

But the Big Rains Texas just got came from HURRICANE Amanda in the Pacific – a full week before the season officially begins. Now this…

Today is June 1 the official “beginning” of hurricane season which has been dubbed “quiet” by officials. That’s when I say “hang on to your seats.”

Because everyone knows that “hurricane season” really does kick off until August or later, right? WRONG this year.

SOMETHING is already brewing in the Gulf that may form within the next 2 days. The photo is what it looks like today – just off the Yucatan of Mexico.

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Best thing you can do is “armor your glass” the weakest link of your building. Window blow outs lead to structural failure, not to mention internal damages.