School Shooters – Glass is the weakest link

We have been getting calls from schools around the country so here is some information about what our technology would do for schools –in more ways than one.

When a shooter approaches a school, locked doors do little good when the entrances are all glass with no protection. Here are a couple of photos of Sandy Hook showing where the shooter entered the building – it was next to the entrance. Why? Because it was easier to walk through.


How do schools protect from shooters (not to mention tornadoes and hurricanes)?
The only practical way is to “armor the glass” to delay a shooters ability to breach the glass – giving time for police to arrive and students to take shelter in a locked room.

Armor Glass security film is anchored to the frame with a special structural sealant that holds it in place even after being struck repeatedly.

If schools used it on all their glass they would also be saving energy and cutting operating costs – enough to pay for the film over time!  They would also be protected during storms throwing wind-borne debris into the glass, such as hurricanes and tornadoes or hail.

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I just got an email giving a Tornado WARNING (meaning they have seen funnel clouds) in Ft. Bend. At the same time Hurricane AMANDA is coming out ahead of hurricane season and is either a CAT 3 or 4 – and its hurling torrents of rain and tornado activity across TEXAS NOW….

If you hear that “roar” sound, get into a ground floor room without windows if you don’t have a basement. Put little kids in the bathtub.

If the tornado gets close enough to hurl debris through your windows, there is a chance it will disintegrate the structure, leaving an inside room (hopefully) intact, if you are lucky.

Here is what happens when either a tornado or hurricane breach your window glass. It’s basically blowing your house apart. The only thing you can do other than have a basement is window protection for wind-borne debris impact to avoid the breach. it’s what we do 24/7.

Here is a illustrated photo that we are putting into a book we are about to publish on surviving these increasingly bigger storms…

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Scenes from IKE – Damage That Would Have Been Avoided if They Had Armor Glass

Annual hurricane season opens June 1.

Nine out of ten architects and building owners in Texas do not know that window breach by debris during a storm leads to structural failure (of a house especially).

Here are scenes of damage from Hurricane IKE that hit Houston in 2008. ALL of this damage–and months of reconstructions, mold, etc– would have been avoided if they had used Armor Glass security film to “armor their glass.”

It would also prevent break-ins and cut UV damage and reduce solar heat.















Tornadoes do the same thing. Burglars love glass – its so easy to break. They are in and out in less than 3 minutes.

Be prepared. Armor your glass.

Don’t be home without it.


Scenes from Armor Glass – Protecting Your Weakest Link 1.0











1 year since Tornado at Moore OK – Some Photos…

This time last year a EF5 tornado tore through Moore OK and leveled schools, homes and the hospital. I delivered supplies and took these photos.


Today, some of the new houses have a tornado shelter underground, which is a good thing. But their house is still vulnerable to being blown away for one simple reason – once flying debris hits a window and break it, the intruding winds will blow it apart. A hurricane does the same thing.

Progress is being made but for some reason people still don’t know that their biggest investment is subject to destruction because of the weakest link on every buildings remains as fragile as ever…Armoring the glass is no guarantee from a direct hit by a tornado, but it can protect nearby homes hit by debris…

Food for thought…


Another Day, Another Break-in: Will They Ever Learn Glass Breaks EASY?

This story is like Groundhog Day, the movie.

Every day another store owner finds that during the night someone has broken the glass and stolen merchandise, as in this Houston break-in story.

When will people realize that glass is a 5,000 year old technology that is so weak a child could break it, much less a thief?  If store-owners would “armor their glass” these losses would be eliminated or severely reduced. Expensive eye glass frames in glass cases behind glass walls might as well be outside on the street. Why? Because they are only one brick hit from being taken. It would be a lot less messy.

Check out this photo where thieves broke a glass door at Hermes – and carried off untold amounts of merchandise.


You would think insurance companies would be all over this. In fact, they are beginning to figure it out. We recently were asked to do a quote for a business in Seabrook that was told their hurricane insurance wold not be renewed unless they had our type of security film installed! In a hurricane, wind-borne debris breaks a window then the winds produce uplift on the roof, tearing the building apart.


How Burglars Target Your Home – Need to Know if You are Home Alone…

Ladies, I just heard this on TV.

A kid was home alone getting ready for school. Someone knocked on the front door. Being a kid alone he wisely didn’t answer but he could see a car parked in the driveway and they weren’t leaving.

Then he saw a guy wave.  At that point another guy jumped the fence and kicked open the back door, across the room from the kid!  The kid ran into his bedroom, locked the door and put a dresser in front of it. The men left. What if the kid had been a girl?

This is their modus operandi. If no one answers knock the burglars assume its an empty house, and break in. This happened to an Armor Glass client recently – only Armor Glass security film kept a burglar from breaking in on a wife home alone. He didn’t get in and ran away. She dialed 911 and tried to get her fingers off the ceiling for the next week.

Stronger doors, stronger locks, and armoring the glass is the only protection.

If this happens to you — figure out a way of making a noise so they DON’T try to break in. Don’t hesitate to call police if you are a woman or a minor home alone.

As a community service we are passing on some info you need to know –how to protect yourself from today’s threats to the weakest link of the one thing we all live in – our homes.

Glass is so fragile a child can break it. It is the weakest link that continues a 5,000 year old technology that has never been updated – until now. Climate change, hurricanes, tornadoes, burglars and solar heat are NOT going away or getting any weaker….

All threaten the largest investment most people make in their lives — their homes and offices.

Armor Glass is the first real upgrade to glass in thousands of years – don’t leave home without it!


Pictures Speak a Million Words….Video can speak BILLIONS

Pictures speak more than a thousand words. They can speak MILLIONS.

And VIDEO can speak BILLIONS. 7 BILLION people living with 5,000 year old technology….

Living Today …in Houses of Straw, Houses of Wood

(ebook coming out SOON).



Based on actual events…With Humor

This 30 second TV spot is intended to convey a serious message, yet mix in some humor.

The scenes are reenactments of actual events our Armor Glass clients have encountered – from attempted break-ins to a client dropping heavy plywood while dragging it up a ladder in high winds to get it on a 2nd story window. When the plywood hit the ground it broke a sprinkler head causing a water gusher as a result, with a hurricane bearing down. The man who dropped the plywood was a senior management guy running the space station (portrayed here by founder Michael Fjetland).

Several of our women clients have had men attempt to break-in their homes after Armor Glass film had been installed (one while she was home) yet fail to get in. If not for our Armor film, it would have been him and her, home alone. That couldn’t end well even if all he did was steal stuff.

We have put it on houses for retired teachers as well as players for Houston sports teams (e.g. the Texans) and a lot of regular folks. It has gone on the DEA offices and pharmacies, schools and offices. We put it on glass in a hospital ward to protect premature babies from gravel from nearby rooftops thrown by tornadoes, to name a few. It armors windows from explosions and wind-borne debris from hurricanes, or vandals swinging bricks.

All we left out was Armageddon and scenes from 2012. lol…

Its hard for cameras to show that its carbon NEGATIVE and saves enough energy to pay for itself. It’s “Green Security.”

How does our TV spot come across?

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Driver Breaks into TV Station Front Glass – Thinks he’s God. Would Jesus want Armor Glass?

A BIZARRE case. A man stole a landscaping truck and drove it through the front glass of a TV station and ran inside. Here is a photo:

As a TV Terrorism analyst, I have two recommendations for this TV station (and others).
Number 1 – Put a steel or reinforced pole in the cement in front of the windows, so a vehicle would hit it before hitting the glass. Yep, its like Iraq in that respect.
Number 2 – Put Armor Glass security film on that glass. It would have prevented the driver from shooting his way in, and would have deflected the blast wave if he had set off an explosion. The film would NOT stop a 3,000 lb. vehicle but it is rated for a Level 2 explosion. That’s why our same film was installed on the Pentagon after 9/11.
We have seen similar incidents in front of TV stations in Houston, etc. One has had a couple shootings in their parking lot. It’s a matter of time before someone decides to break in or shoot their way inside one of these glass palaces. Without “armoring their glass” one brick into the glass and an intruder can walk through an empty frame. Those inside will have no time to react, even if they had “locked” the glass doors.
Every day we see more incidents that Armor Glass would protect people –from tornado and hurricane force winds ripping apart buildings (after hurling debris through their windows, causing uplift forces that explode the building) to explosions, shooters, and burglars. Not to mention solar heat and harmful UV rays.
Glass has been around 5,000 years and hasn’t changed in all that time. Would Jesus want Armor Glass? Impossible to say, but I bet he’d want his mother to have it on her house!
This photo is where historians say the Virgin Mary spent her last days in southern Turkey. A shrine has been built on the place where her modest house was located, near Ephesus Turkey
Check out these pages for other stories of people we have protected from unwanted intrusions by humans and mother nature. In the meantime, DON’T drive into any TV stations! It will get you arrested.
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