Got a Fertlizer Plant or Gas Plant Nearby? Blue Rhino explosion…

If you need another reason to consider protecting your property, the Blue Rhino plant explosion should be one. If you have a plant like this nearby – or a propane tank in your backyard fueling your BBQ pit, you are sitting near a bomb.

Explosions can blow out glass, causing injury and blowing structures apart. Armor Your Glass. You never know when you need it…


Storm Consultant Warns of Complacency

Bill Read, who was the director of the National Hurricane Center, has warned that people are getting “complacent” about the potential for another Hurricane hit….

Two things are at work: The first culprit is memory. After about 5 years peoples’ memories begin to fade about the threat.

The second culprit is a simple FACT. About 200,000 new people move to Houston every year. That means that since IKE hit in 2008 we have 1,000,000 NEW people in Houston who have NO IDEA what IKE was like.

For a refresher, here is a link to a Google photo page showing the windows missing across Houston after IKE hit. Remember, for each missing window, rain was able to enter causing major reconstruction over months – all avoidable with Armor Glass security film. Here is the IKE photo link.

I guarantee that every one of the new people to Houston have houses which lack window protection – not just from hurricanes, but burglar break-ins as well. Not to mention solar heat! They–and anyone else with plain glass– really need to “Armor their Glass” before a break-in takes away their wife’s jewelry, or another storm enters the Gulf of Mexico…


Tornado Hits Milan Italy – They Have Never Seen One

Our climate continues to get more WEIRD by the day. A TORNADO hit Milan Italy (its in northern Italy) – They have NEVER seen one before~!

Tornadoes are like condensed hurricanes – the swirling winds hurls debris through the air. That debris breaks windows – the weakest link – causing internal damages. If it hits a house the air rushing in the broken window produces UPLIFT on the roof – over 50,000 lbs of force. It basically blows the structure apart.

Stay tuned. Armor your Glass – you never know when you’ll need the protection from Mother Nature, or from human intrusion.  Our competitors are selling 4 mil – HALF as thick as our 8 Mil. Some don’t even put frame bonding on tempered glass – so the glass WILL fall out of the frame when struck.

If you think you are “saving money” buying cheap substitutes, think again. It’s your family’s security at risk.

Mechanics Painting

Methodology of road traffic crash investigation

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DORIAN – Marching West Towards USA and Gulf of Mexico….

It’s still early but we have a weather system worth watching. DORIAN is marching west in the Atlantic.  It may or may not reach the Gulf of Mexico but we’ll know more in a few days.

Don’t wait until the storm is in the Gulf or nearby to get prepared, because then its too late. Windows are the weakest link. Studies show that windborne debris breaking a window is what leads to roof loss and structural collapse. Armor Glass security film is rated for a Level C Large Missile impact – to prevent flying debris from breaching your glass.

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TRAVEL Makes Us BETTER Americans

I was watching a presentation about our Rotary Books for the World project that has now shipped over 1 million POUNDS of books to countries like Africa where students don’t have books and I was reminded WHY Americans SHOULD travel the world more.

Only by travel do you see our own place more clearly. You can see how many things we take for granted. It makes you realize that people are so appreciative of the chance to learn – while many of our young people don’t think its important.

And it makes you realize how much ALIKE all humans are once you get to know them…


Short Video: How Armor Glass Protects From Burglars, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Shooters…and HEAT

Our CEO has made a NEW video – a minute and a half – describing how our technology protects your house and buildings from hurricanes, tornadoes, shooters and Solar HEAT…Let us know what you think!  Feel free to Subscribe or Follow to get future updates…


Cheap Solar Film Doesn’t Prevent This….Home Invasion

A lady in Sugar Land got mad at me last week when I told her the cheap tint she wanted on her windows would NOT prevent a break-in. Our Armor Glass security film would. People just don’t want to face facts.  I’d rather they hear it from me then find out the hard way that cheap film doesn’t protect from hurricanes and break-ins…so she went cheap…she could be a future victim in a story like this.


Heat & Hurricanes – 30 second spot

HEAT & HURRICANES – Our 30 second spot…


Study: MORE, BIGGER Hurricanes as Earth Warms

A new study is out and says that the warming of the planet will produce MORE Hurricanes in the coming years. And the warmer air will produce stronger storms as well…Details at this link:

The study says, in short: “
The world could see as many as 20 additional hurricanes and tropical storms each year by the end of the century because of climate change, says a study out today.
The study was published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), written by top climate researcher Kerry Emanuel of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
On average, about 90 tropical cyclones form each year around the world, Emanuel says. (“Tropical cyclone” is an umbrella term that includes hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones, which are all the same type of storm that have different labels depending on where they form.)
One of the biggest debates in the climate change research community in recent years has been the projected impact of global warming on hurricanes. Will it make them stronger? More frequent? Longer lasting?
Emanuel’s study used six newly upgraded global climate computer models to simulate future hurricane activity around the world. His study found that these killer storms will not only increase in intensity during the 21st century, as many previous studies had predicted, but will also increase in frequency in most locations.”

So, building owners will need to “armor their glass” – the weakest link of every building. Breach of windows by windborne debris is what leads to structural failure – and internal damages from rain, etc.