Armor Glass SAVES SCHOOL When Window Broken by Third Party

We have been asked to quote to put our blast-rated Armor Glass Security Film on a major gov’t installation in a foreign country. Can’t tell you which one or I’d have to shoot you…lol.

But just last week it proved extremely valuable to a school that had installed it just a few months ago in a suburb of Houston.  A contractor installing a video camera system drilled into the glass, which shattered it into a million pieces – but instead of a gaping hole, the broken glass was ALL CAPTURED BY OUR SECURITY FILM. And our Large Missile/Blast-rated film was held in place in the frame with our special frame attachment.

Normal, unprotected tempered glass is like your car window exploding. The school would have a security breach immediately. They were immediately subject to weather and human intrusion, which is inconvenient if it happens at 5 o’clock!  It requires scrambling for plywood which isn’t really secure. It requires overtime on weekends and after hours. It’s the same for everyone else who has bare glass.

The school said that it took a WEEK to get NEW GLASS in! Imagine living with plywood on your windows for a week, waiting on glass! It would be so easy to cut through or pull off plywood late at night if someone wanted to get in.

Instead of that nightmare, our film kept their building dry and secure until the new glass replacement (same as the old) was installed. 
Then we put a new piece of the same Armor Glass Security Film on the new window, bond it to the frame with a special Dow 995 structural sealant – and they are good to go again! What parent wouldn’t want their kid going to a school like that? 

And the special film we used has cut their energy costs as it cuts over 50% of the solar heat coming into the building. So, its paying for itself in more ways than one.

BEFORE this incident, Bonnie, the Head of the School wrote a testimonial, which we will post shortly…

I keep discovering new ways how Armor Glass security and safety films make people more secure by armoring their weakest link – their glass, more comfortable from the heat,  and helps them financially by cutting energy use and their power bills. What could be better than that?


TV Report: Mom Watches Guys Break Into Home – Where Her Nanny and Child Hide in a Closet

I was just watching local news KPRC about a mom who was watching her home via her smartphone – when she saw two men break into her home – where her Nanny and child were!

“I’m on the phone with her and she just tells me, ‘Someone’s in the house! They broke the glass!'” Shary told Local 2.

It was apparently a terrifying experience for the young mother and her nanny. I am attaching the link to the video posted by KPRC.

This is another reminder WHY PEOPLE NEED ARMOR GLASS SECURITY FILM on their GLASS. It could have kept this mother and her family from terror.


Severe Weather – $110 Billion in Losses in 2012

According to this report from NCDC report by Homeland  Security News Wire,

“The U.S. Climate Data Center (NCDC), a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has just issued a report saying that 2012 saw eleven weather and climate disaster events in the United States — each with losses exceeding $1 billion in damages. With a total of more than $110 billion in damages throughout the year, 2012 is the second costliest year since 1980, which incurred $160 billion in damages due in part to four devastating land-falling hurricanes.”

Some of these damages could have been avoided had the buildings been “hardened” – especially the weakest link — the windows.  For example, Hurricane IKE caused over $5 million in damages to just one building – Chase Tower – when windows on one side were “sucked out” by the vacuum created by winds swirling around it.

Already we have seen severe tornadoes in the north and hurricanes developing before hurricane season officially starts.  Making your windows “impact resistant” would reduce the damages and injuries in future storms.

Armor Your Glass, Protect your Ass-ets!


Tropical Storm BARRY – Bad Omen of an EARLY storm for this year

Something very ODD is going on this year. Normally hurricanes season “starts” June 1 (ends Nov. 30) but we don’t see a thing until August or Septemer.

NOT this year – we had a couple storms in the Pacific BEFORE hurricane season started. And now we have Tropical Storm Barry coming out of the Gulf of Mexico and hitting Veracruz – probably tomorrow.

This is a Bad Omen for this Storm Season – its way too early for storms, yet we are already getting them. So what is it going to be like when the PEAK hits in a month or two?

What I am seeing is that a lot of people have fallen asleep this year. They are not preparing for hurricane season like they have in years past. They are buying cheap solar film crap that doesn’t keep windows from blowing out during hurricanes – which leads to roof loss. Everyone seems to be thinking “tomorrow tomorrow” as the song goes.

Then it will be too late. You can’t just throw together window protection at the last minute when one is rolling our way. Windows are the weakest link of every structure. Lose a window and you can lose your house. Project “Safe Windows” study of the 2004 Florida hurricanes proved it.

What is your house worth if destroyed because it had unprotected glass? What is your family’s security worth? Tropical Storm Barry showed another thing – don’t count on a lot of time to prepare. The warning could be less than 24 hours – just like Barry.


PLYWOOD – As last century as riding a horse to work..


Why Solar Film is a SHAM

This is an excerpt from our upcoming Armor Glass book…

Chapter 3:
Why Solar Film is a SHAM
Solar Film versus Security Film, Plywood and Shutters
The DIFFERENCE can save Your Life
Let’s face it – solar film is a sham! It’s thin and “cheap” but it only blocks the sun. It has no strength to provide breach protection of the glass from the common threats we face every day. It won’t stop a burglar. It will fail the Large Missile Impact test that Armor Glass security film has passed (for large objects hitting the glass such as bricks wielded by burglars or a tree limb during a hurricane).
Solar film has not passed any hurricane test or explosion test. Yet every day homeowners need this protection.  All solar film is doing is providing some sun protection from solar heat – but it won’t keep the roof from flying off when the window is breached by a major debris strike. Security film, on the other hand, can block and sun AND provide that critical window breach protection we all need.
For less than twice the cost of solar film a homeowner can buy Security Film that has solar properties and is certified as having passed the Large Missile Impact test (4.5 lb Level C), as well as the Miami Dade PA 201 and 203 protocols – even the Level 2 explosion test you can see on the website at  The same film will also cut solar heat up to 79% so it will pay for itself over time, while protecting the building occupants and owner. It will cut 99% of harmful UV rays that fade your furnishings and cause skin cancer, our No. 1 cancer.
So why buy solar film?  It’s like buying a 2-ply tire instead of the 4-ply tire. It may look the same but do you want to chance your family’s life on a cheap 2-ply tire at 70 miles per hour? When a tire blows out, lives can be lost. Your windows are like 2-ply tires: Once they blow out your risk losing the entire investment, whether its $100,000 or $1 million home. Why risk it? Window blow-outs during Hurricane IKE cost over $5 million in damages to the Chase tower in Houston – and that is only one example. Buildings lost windows all over town, resulting in rain and mold damage that would not have happened had Security film been installed.
After all, 40% of Americans live near a coast. The rest live in a tornado zone. Every year we have a hurricane season for six months. It won’t be called off for lack of interest next year. In fact, as the planet gets hotter the storms get stronger. Hotter air hold more water, so the storms create more energy, both in wind force and rain. Tornadoes have been spotted in unlikely places like Maine!  Hurricanes also spew tornadoes.  Hail storms knock out windows. The West, Texas fertilizer plant blew out windows of buildings blocks away – leading to a lot of the damage as the internal pressure blew apart the buildings, causing injuries and deaths. Burglars operate 24/7, 365 days a year. Cheap solar film protects against NONE of these threats. So why use it?
Safety and security and solar control window films are applied to the inside surface of a glass pane to absorb heat, reflect sunlight, or to contain fallout after breakage.  When it comes to protection afforded against wind-borne debris, there is a clear difference between solar control window film, which is generally 1.5 – 2 mil (.0015-002 in.) thick, and security window film, which is 8 – 14 mil (.008 – .014) thick.

SOLAR FILM IS NOT SECURITY FILM! Solar film (pictured above) is tissue paper thin. It blocks only the sun but is not strong enough to stop wind-borne debris that breaks a window, allowing internal wind pressure that exerts uplift on the roof, leading to structural collapse in a storm. 
Project Safe windows said this:  “Solar control window film should never be considered acceptable protection against hurricane force winds. It is designed for solar control purposes and any safety benefit is incidental. Safety and security films are designed specifically to hold glass fragments together when glass breaks.”

Armor GLASS is officially looking for Sales reps NATIONALLY

Armor GLASS is officially looking for Sales reps NATIONALLY…Would prefer Security and Alarm Companies as Reps.

Degree not required but professionalism is a must. Because we are first class, treat all people the same. We have a Code of Conduct for all our Sales Reps and Installers even though they are independent contractors. To work with us you have to meet a high standard – because that is our standard. All people are treated the same, and with respect. We don’t sell cheap knock off products.

We provide our clients with the best security film in the world – to protect their families and business.

Respond only in writing at the email link at our website:

We are looking forward to working with quality companies nationally. Even internationally.


Hurricane-like “DERECHO” to hit Midwest – including Sparrow PreMature baby unit in Lansing MI

A hurricane-like “Derecho” – which is a massive storm that produces hurricane force winds and tornadoes, hail etc — is sweeping the Midwest. They say it could impact 1 in 5 Americans.

Within the strike zone is Sparrow Hospital in Lansing Michgan – which has a premature baby unit on the fifth floor that has a row of windows facing a gravel roof 100 feet away. Tornadic winds could easily breach those winds and spray nurses and babies with flying glass…

Except it won’t because last year they had us put our Armor Glass security film on those windows and bond it to the frames. Unhooking an incubator to hide in the hallway from tornado winds could kill a baby. Before the installation the only choice they had was leaving the baby and nurse in an unprotected glass room – or risk death of the baby when they unhooked the power to move into a hallway that did not have enough power outlets.

This is another example how Armor Glass is making life safer during turbulent storms and uncertain events, from explosions to hurricanes to tornadoes and shooters…


2nd EF5 in 11 days in OKLAHOMA – EF5’s used to be RARE.

Above: EF5 Tornado

Above: Moore Oklahoma hospital hit by EF5…

Since 1950 – over 60 years of weather history, there have been only 60 EF tornadoes in the U.S. per this Wikipedia entry. That’s about one PER YEAR.

In the last 11 days, there have been TWO EF5 tornadoes in Okahoma – the last one in Reno, a few miles west of Moore, OK! This should NOT be happening. Why are we suddenly getting more of these Nuclear tornadoes?

It was 2 and 1/2 MILES WIDE! Imagine being on the ground next to something that is almost 3 miles WIDE, twisting back and forth with 200 to 300 mph winds full of lethal debris it sucks from the ground below. At 200 mph even a small inch sliver of wood would pass through a body.

While only an underground shelter can save anyone from a direct hit by an EF5, it  is obvious that we are seeing BIGGER storms.  And MORE FREQUENT Storms. More Dangerous Storms.

In 5,000 years of the history humans have made and used glass for windows the technology has changed hardly at all.  It remains the weakest link of every structure we have built. It’s the most fragile material — so fragile that a child can break it simply by falling on it, cutting them with shards.

Even tempered glass in a car can blow in when hit by flying debris during a tornado, hurricane or high wind event. When it breaks, shards can cut arteries if you are hit by it. Tempered glass is like shrapnel from a  grenade. Every window blown out by a hurricane or tornado turns into flying glass bombs that rip into human bodies. But if its contained in a polycarbonite film, at worst it is only one piece of glass. At best, it avoids a breach of a window, allowing uplift on the roof and water/mold damage.

Don’t you think its time to “Armor YOUR Glass” ???

Or do you drive a 5,000 year old car? LOL.

Think about it. You’ll find in these blog entries WHY you should ask us to come talk to you…


Photos of Moore OK EF5 Tornado Damage – Armor Glass survey

After delivering supplies and volunteering at Moore OK, I did a photo survey for my technology book I am writing on how to harden our buildings for the 21st century security threats we face from Mother Nature and humans with bad intentions.

Remember the story of the “Three Little Pigs”??  One built a house of straw and was eaten by the wolf. The second one built a house of sticks, and was eaten by the wolf. The third little piggie was smart and built a house of brick– and the wolf went hungry.
We cannot continue to live in tornado and hurricane zones in houses of sticks and unreinforced  glass. Glass is the weakest link in security of every buildings. It is glass breach from wind-borne debris that lets in the internal forces that uplifts roofs and causes collapse of the structure and injuries from flying glass shrapnel.

 Check out the videos on the website to see how fragile glass is. Imagine driving a $100,000 car on 1 ply tires at 70 miles per hour. That’s  what we are doing with $100,000 houses with cheap glass that, once broken, is letting in water damage and destructive forces threatening the entire investment.

More security. See the video showing how easy it is for burglars to break through with the tiniest of force.  Without charge we do a survey of your building’s glass so we know what it would take to armor it with our security film that will cut solar heat up to 79%, saving energy so that it pays for itself over time. What else does that?
One last thing. In 2013 there is a 30% of the cost of materials up to $500 tax credit for homeowners for our Solar Security version of Armor Glass security films. We have installed it on Rice University, UH, astronauts houses, retired teachers, etc. We have put it on windows in pre-mature baby hospital wards (Lansing, Michigan) which were exposed to bare glass and gravel threats during tornadoes.
We put it on a Chase Bank on Long Island in 2009 just before three hundred year storms in the last four years.
We have put it on schools for shooter protection – to delay entry of a shooter, buying valuable time that bare glass does not. Bare glass is blown out after one shot. Then the person is stepping through the empty frames and is inside. The school has no time, like at Sandy Hook.

Our security film buys more than seconds. It could buy enough time for police to arrive — and kids to be moved to safe rooms. No film will stop a bullet (don’t believe it), but it does buy time. A person can’t get through a single bullet hole. He has to make enough holes to get himself through the film physically. That is using up ammo and time.

I just returned from visiting several schools who want our protective product. We are getting calls from schools from around the country, all concerned that if someone could kill little kids in Sandy Hook, then it could happen any where. And everyone has bare glass walls everywhere in schools.

Storms are a given – yet we do not build to prevent their damage repeatedly, storm after storm? That is silly if not foolish.
Solutions are available. Armor Glass is the best one for armoring your weakest link. Let us show you that will make your life more secure while reducing your electric demands and solar heat dramatically–which saves you money.  One of our part time Reps has worked for NASA for decades. He did a study on his own house during the past year and found it had dropped several thousand BTU’s after our security film was installed in his house.
We are hoping to release our Armor Glass book in a couple months which will include his analysis and an explanation how it works. It will also include the strange, ancient history of glass – something we have not changed in nearly 5,000 years of using it. Think it might be time for an upgrade? LOL.
Check out the other blogs on other ways you should “Never leave home without Armor Glass”…!
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