Glass & Kids DON’T Mix…

My dentist had me in the chair last week – they always seem to know they have the advantage since they can talk with their hands in your mouth but good luck trying to respond. For some reason they don’t understand sign language from my waving arms.

But he said something interesting. He was at a doctor friend’s house. He said one of his kids had run into a big window and it broke, cutting him in four places. He said giant shards were falling from the top. Apparently it was an older window that was plate glass instead of tempered.

He told me that he recommended his doctor friend call us to put our security film on his glass. It goes on the INSIDE of the glass, providing a plastic shield between kids and broken glass – which is on the OUTSIDE. Even with my mouth stuffed with instruments I couldn’t disagree with that!  It’s a safety feature, an anti-burglar feature and a hurricane protection system all rolled into one.

When he finally finished I thanked him and told him how lucky his son was – a shard could have cut an artery and his son could have bled to death before an ambulance arrived.

Glass and kids don’t mix. Between solar heat, shooters, hurricanes, burlgars and kids hitting easily-broken glass, Armor Glass security films are still the best solution to protect your family and save enough on energy costs to pay for itself over time…

What else does that? I’m still waiting for my dentist and my car to pay for themselves. LOL. But I wouldn’t trade either of them either…(well, maybe the car I’d trade. I’m putting over 40,000 miles a year on it taking care of business)…

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Burglaries in (safe) Sugar Land UP – What You Can Do..

It has been reported that burglaries in normally “safe” Sugar Land are UP.

“The Sugar Land Police Department‘s 2012 Annual Report shows an 8.6 percent increase in a category of crimes that includes assault, auto theft, burglary, homicide, theft, robbery and auto burglary.”

There is one thing homeowners can do to protect themselves – install SECURITY WINDOW FILM on their glass – which is the weakest link of every building. They should back that up with an alarm system and good locks.

We have had customers experience break in attempts after we installed our security film. In no case did they breach our film – if they didn’t get through our film they either went away, or broke a lock or a door. That’s why you still need an alarm.

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DEA Office – DONE. On to Schools, Houses

On Texas independence day, March 6, we finished the DEA office in Houston.

Who knows what federal office or building may become the next target like the Murrah building was in 1994 – by a Timothy McVeigh type. Or a target of a foreign group like the bombing of the WTC in 1993…

We really received nice comments from the security and management folks who said “we were the least trouble they had” compared to the other contractors who are also doing work. One of them broke a window but no one admitted to it. It was replaced and we put on our blast-rated security film.

Next up is a Houston area (private) school who wants to use the same Tint Security film we used on the DEA office, since it provides shooter protection and lets the people inside see out during the day – and blocks the view inside. It will also save on their energy bill by cutting 55% of the solar heat getting into the building. Apparently a couple of the board members had our film installed on their houses, so we got the best recommendation possible.

Between those jobs we will be doing a couple houses in the Houston area – and have another in Austin, etc. Other schools from around the U.S. have also contacted us.

This is a GREAT job to have…providing Green+Security protection…