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Armor Glass was at the Baytown Hurricane event this weekend. Here is a photo of one of our windows taking a 5 lb hit with a hammer by one fierce hitter!

Try this on your windows without Armor Glass and see the result! (Then again, maybe that’s NOT such a good idea! “Armor Your Glass” with Armor Glass. Ask for a FREE quote…


Armor Glass Security Film versus a BRICK – Just TRY This at Home! (Not!)

Demo of Armor Glass security film VERSUS a BRICK – just TRY this on one of your windows! (NOT!)


Armoring a Midwest ICU Full of Premature Babies…

I have just returned from the Midwest where we installed our Armor Glass security film on the windows of a hospital ICU for premature babies – a unit that has a wall of ordinary windows that, if hit by flying debris during a tornado or windstorm, could blow glass shrapnel all over the little patients and their nursing staff, causing serious injuries or death.

We were told that when they get a tornado warning they usually move the babies to a hallway but that some babies could not be moved at all even during a storm. They also said the hallway does not enough electrical outlets for all the equipment needed.  So, they sought us out as a solution to their quandary. 
Less than 50 feet away and slightly lower than the windows was a roof of another building with gravel on top. That gravel would become deadly flying debris during a tornado event, threatening to hurl its way through the glass. That would allow hurricane force winds and glass fragments to fill the ICU if left unprotected. Glass is the building’s weakest link, so it needs the most attention to secure any building from violent intrusion, by human or Mother Nature.  
In the ICU rooms, I saw the tiniest little humans all hooked up to tubes and ventilators and other equipment, some kicking their little feet just a couple yards from where we had to do the work on the windows. 
Lining the windows was their computers and supplies, which we had to carefully work around.  A contractor hung plastic sheeting to isolate our work area from the infants. Over a dozen preemies were there as we did our job, some with parents holding them.  My main concern was that when we bonded the film to the frames with our sealant that some of the temporary fumes might interfere with their breathing – that is why I was there, to make sure all went smoothly.  The hospital engineer worked some magic by increasing the air flow and we had no problems.
Now that we have “armored their glass” with certified film that has passed both Small Missile and Large Missile (4.5 Lbs Level “C”) tests, as well as Level 2 explosion tests, they are as prepared as possible for the next big storm, at the least cost. Shutters would have cost ten times more and would have been nearly impossible to install on the 5th floor were the ICU unit was located.
At the same time the film will cut their solar heat (up to 79% depending on the film used) and 99% of deadly UV that destroys furnishings and causes skin cancer. 
It was an honor that Armor Glass was picked to protect this ICU and its tiny patients just starting their lives with enough drama without a storm risking their fragile existence.
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Homeowner: Burglars broke window

Yet another tale of a homeowner finding burglars in his house. After he got back from the chase, he discovered a broken window – this one was  his kitchen.

I have had homeowners tell me that burglars have broken through the bathroom windows, back windows, side windows – anywhere there is glass.

Face it – glass is the “weakest link” of any structure. It takes nothing to break through it. “Armor you Glass” with Armor Glass.

Otherwise it is only a matter of time before someone takes advantage…contact us for a Free Quote.


HAIL and GOLF BALLS, it’s All the Same

One of our customers lives on a golf course where the duffers are as bad as my golf. She had our security film put on to protect her from flying glass.

Sure enough, Rosemary called a while back to say that a ball had ricocheted into one of her windows (Right Photo above). Since it was such a small pane and my installers were busy I went out and put film on her new replacement glass. Since it was facing another house I expected it was safe from another ball, although it was in range for a burglar.

Well then, I get this email message from her yesterday:

Believe it or not, another golf ball hit the SAME window in the same place two days ago. I have not had the glass replaced yet, but when I do, I will be contacting you again. Good news is—it did not go through the glass, and I was spared the broken shards all over the place. Your film is excellent. I just wish the golfers were!!!!

WOW. Golf balls are like HAIL, and the Texas Panhandle, Dallas, etc have just gotten hit by hail the size of golf balls, breaking out windows, etc.

WITHOUT ARMOR GLASS, your window will look like the Left Photo if struck by a golf ball, windborne debris, or a burglar. The left photo had cheap Solar Film Only on it – Solar Film is NOT breach resistant. Our film is – and will also cut Solar Heat just like solar film!

Check out our videos at and contact us for a Free Quote.


Wild Wind is UP Tonight – Wild Day Going to Uncharted Territory

There is a WILD WIND whipping over the lake tonight, now that I’m finally home from my odyssey today. The day was like that too, oddly enough. There was a lot of energy in the air.

This is the first time waves are crashing over the pier next door (STRONG storms are predicted for tomorrow. TORNADOES are expected in the middle of the country). Today Mother Nature’s Fury is targeting the poor bastards in Oklahoma – more Triple Vortex Bad Boys that Mother Nature is starting to crank up in the warming air these days.

We missed WINTER. Expect another Record HOT SUMMER.

The nice couple at a Sugar Land house I was at today told me that they were PUMMELED by GOLF BALL SIZE HAIL in JANUARY of this year. Think about that – HAIL in JANUARY?

How WEIRD is that? The nasty hail knocked out windows and roofs. The weird part is this — weird weather is staring to become “normal” – daily/weekly.

BURGLARIES are now a 24/7 enterprise EVERYWHERE. People need to protect themselves and their families by armoring their buildings’ weakest link – their glass.

It was a WILD day today for me. Tons of calls to make as people keep finding us somehow.

One of them proved to be in uncharted territory – an address in a burb that didn’t show up on any of the 3 GPS devices I have! That never happens. It didn’t even show up on Mapquest, leaving me up a creek with no paddle! I discovered later that the homeowner’s AT&T phone service wasn’t working in his new house on the edge of Sugar Land, so I couldn’t contact him to get directions. When he told me that I checked and my Verizon – it had multiple bars!

To find the house I ended up having to go to the subdivisions sales office in that area where a VERY nice lady gave me a couple maps to finally get me there after a two hour hunt.

It felt strange trying to drive while squinting at a PAPER map, wondering what that street was I just passed – the signs are always so little if they exist at all! I’m used to at least one GPS saying “Turn Right HERE buddy — or you’ll regret it!” Somehow I found it.

Then another shock. This one involved ethics and professionalism when peoples’ lives and property are at stake.

After I advised the homeowner what he needed in Armor Glass film and Dow 995 frame bonding to protect his house from burglars on the ground floor and hurricanes upstairs, he told me that another well known national company had already been there, looked at the same windows — and told him that all of his tempered glass (a LOT) did NOT require frame bonding in addition to application of the security film.

Did I just hear the worst misrepresentation possible, by a major company no less? Sounded like it to me.

That’s like saying that having a gun without bullets is going to protect you if you need to fire it. I was shocked anyone would misrepresent the true technical facts to a customer like that, especially because the customer is relying on the professional’s advice, right?

It is well known in the window film industry that if you do not BOND Security Film to the Window FRAMES on TEMPERED Glass it WILL FALL OUT OF THE FRAME IF STRUCK — UNLESS the film is BONDED to the window frame with a special sealant made by Dow Corning called “995.” GE makes a similar sealant. Failure to bond tempered glass means that the glass will detach from the frame and blow in if it is struck by either a human or hurricane-force wind-borne debris.

This usually happens at the WORST of time –a window collapsing in front of a man with a gun or 125 mph hurricanes blowing in the glass and bringing damaging rain and winds into the house, and uplifting the roof. Why? Because a company’s rep said that the bonding was not applied on tempered glass during installation of the security film?

I was stunned.

Telling a potential customer who has zero knowledge of the technology that a vital element to make it work properly is not needed is, at best, unethical — and at worst, negligent under the law.

We won’t do that. BTW, Armor Glass put our security film on a window for a lady last summer. 5 days later someone tried to break into her home through one of those windows, and failed. The crook left empty handed when she got home and discovered her good fortune – nothing stolen! No unwanted entry!

Bottom line: We do it RIGHT!


UV – Skin Cancer hits 2 Million Americans Year –

UV causes skin cancer – which hits over 2 million Americans each year. Experts recommend that people wear daily sunscreen – yes, DAILY. Skin cancer is now our No. 1 cancer.

UV also fades your carpet and furnishings – have you ever pulled a chair away from a window and noticed the faded areas that got sun versus those that didn’t?

While protecting people from break-ins and hurricane-force winds from breaching your glass, Armor Glass security films also cut 99% of UV, shielding you from the sun’s damaging rays even when you are sitting in your own home or office.

Think about it. Shutters don’t provide this protection. Neither does plain window glass. Nor do double paned windows shield you from UV.

Armor Glass films do…check us out at


“Of course, the windows were flying out…”

Yesterday Dallas was hit by 18 tornadoes. One of the most telling comments was made by a lady in a nursing home – where patients often cannot move. She said: ““Of course the windows were flying out…”

GLASS is every buildings weakest link. Wind-borne debris, or a human, can easily breach it – showering residents with lethal flying glass.

Despite this, too few people have “armored their glass” to avoid this threat. Why? Because almost none of them have heard about our technology despite it having been used on all the federal buildings in Washington DC after 9/11. It’s a fraction of the cost of shutters and does what ordinary solar film cannot do – avoid a breach of the glass by flying debris.

We continue our efforts to make the public aware of this option. Later this month our team will travel to the Midwest to armor the windows of a critical care facility that has unprotected windows even where patients are on life support. Imagine if they blew out during a storm?

In fact I met a man yesterday who had a window blow in during Hurricane Ike. The damages were over $90,000! Even though covered by insurance, our film would have avoided both the damage and the months of rebuilding it took. His rates will probably go up. And insurance will never replace family photos destroyed by the rain penetrating a broken window.
Are YOU prepared?


TORNADOES Hit Dallas – Flying glass is Dangerous

TORNADOES are hitting Dallas today.

Like hurricanes, tornadoes hurl wind-borne debris through glass, causing structural failure. Flying glass is like deadly shrapnel. Our Armor Glass security film will contain the glass in a polycarbonate blanket. It will withstand a “Large Missile” strike – up to 4.5 lbs.

Whether its hurricanes, burglars or tornadoes (or even solar heat) Armor Glass security film protects people and their property.

The Dallas tornado COULD have hit the AIRPORT, or downtown buildings, as one did in Ft. Worth a few years ago. It tore holes in windows that collapsed buildings. It threw 18 wheelers into the air like toys. VERY STRANGE WEATHER.

Have you “Armored Your Glass?” It’s your building’s WEAKEST LINK.

Our Storms are getting STRONGER. Remember Tuscaloosa last year? FREAK WEATHER is becoming an ANNUAL EVENT.

That means we need to UPGRADE OUR STRUCTURES to make them more SAFE and SECURE.

That is what ARMOR GLASS does – our security films ‘armor your glass’ from burglars and wind-borne debris — from hurricanes and tornadoes –plus hail, golf balls, baseballs, etc. – preventing water intrusion and reducing damages and injuries from broken glass.

Are you protected?

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