burglaries glass protection.

Police: Burglaries Everywhere

‘TV News reports burglaries are happening EVERYWHERE across Houston. This is a national trend – it happens during tough economic times.

It’s easy to break glass and enter a house or business. It is the weakest link to entry of any building.

“Armor your Glass” to get protection. It beats having your space violated.


Former Burglar recommends…Armor Glass!

A lady called me today and said she heard about us on KPRC Channel 2 Houston last night. In it a former burglar was asked “What to buy to protect a house?” He said: “There is a product called ‘Armor Glass’!

Actually I think he was referred to a laminated glass product that is several times more expensive than our product (FYI: we own the “Armor Glass” trademark!). The other problem with laminated glass is that it is so heavy you cannot cover a large space. Our Armor Glass security film can cover 72″ wide windows up to 100 feet long! We have installed it on oversize windows (a Chase Bank) that were 10′ x 13′ !

Our Armor Glass security film has been installed on the Pentagon, and all the federal buildings in DC after 9/11. We have put it on commercial buildings and residences everywhere. It’s a fraction of the cost of shutters and laminated impact glass.

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