Besides Armor Glass, You Need This…

We have reports of attempted break-ins on residences that had installed our Armor Glass security film. The burglars didn’t get through our film, so they broke the locks instead.

Therefore, we recommend homeowners ALSO install a better lock OR this “Tuff Strike” shown in the photo. Notice that instead of a couple small screws it has two long shafts that are drilled into your door jam. The screws are what gives way first if kicked.

We do NOT sell the locks or Tuff Strike but you can order one from one of of our sales reps – Happy Doors. You can reach them by calling Les at 713-516-4460. Not only do they refinish doors but they also sell the heavy duty “Ultimate Lock.”

Happy New Year!


Interview on “Business Newsmakers”

Here is a link to an interview just published on “Business Newsmakers”…Check it out.

To SEE THE VIDEO scroll Down to the bottom of the link>


$500 Tax Credit Expires Dec 31, 2011

The energy efficiency tax credit for 2011 is $500 and EXPIRES on December 31, 2011. In 2010 that tax credit that helped homeowners save energy and money on energy efficiency upgrades was $1,500.

In 2012 the tax credit will be ZERO>

Tell you Congressman that you want the Energy Efficiency Tax Credit reinstated in 2012 – it helps homeowners who install radiant barriers, insulation and heat-reducing/hurricane-burglar protecting security window film on their homes!


For the week before Christmas, I’ve got a LOT to do – doing another install today plus more measurements from Galveston to Houston. SOme of it is for hurricane protections, some for burglary security…Plus it saves money on energy costs by cutting solar heat.

Love this Green+Security business…

Here is a 4 minute video about it.


Freak Past-Season T.S. Washi – Kills over 400 in Philippines

Mother nature is doing some freaky things – like generating hurricane force winds AFTER the season has officially ended.

Hurricane season is supposed to end November 30 (north of the equator). However T.S. Washi just hit the Philippines with just under hurricane force winds (70 mph) and killed over 400 people, most from flooding as they slept!

Here is a link to the video:

2011 ranks as one of the Weirdest weather years – over 14 Extreme Weather events in the U.S. costing over $50 billion, and now a freak post-season Tropical Storm Washi in the Pacific.

Makes you wonder, what’s next?


Burglaries, Burglaries, Burglaries – Everywhere

Here is a list of recent TV news items. See if you notice a similarity:

3 Arrested In NW Harris County Home Burglaries


November 07, 2011

Police: 16 Burglaries In Less Than A Week


October 27, 2011

Burglars target Clear Lake homes


November 15, 2011

FM 1960 businesses burglarized


December 01, 2011

3 Meyerland homes broken into in 3 hours


December 02, 2011

Meyerland residents fed up with break-ins


December 15, 2011

Pasadena police issue warning following break-ins


December 14, 2011

Teen arrested may have committed other car burglaries


December 16, 2011

Rash of home burglaries in Pasadena

YEP – ALL over Houston (and every other city) we are having a burglary epidemic.

There is one solution. Last summer we installed our security film on a lady’s house. 5 days later someone tried to break in one of those windows – and failed! (Normally it is a 30 day cure time).

Contact us for a FREE quote. Burglary is not seasonal like hurricanes and solar heat (which we also protect people from). It is a 24/7, 365 day a year threat…


News Reports: Rash of Burglaries Everywhere

Several Houston TV stations are reporting a rash of burglaries all over Houston – from Pasadena to Sugar Land.

We have had several instances reported in which our security film prevented a burglar from breaking through the glass. In some case the burglar then broke the (cheap) lock.

We recommend that you “harden” your house by installing both a quality lock and Armor Glass Security film. Once on, you won’t need to “board up” for a hurricane and its solar heat cutting properties will also save enough energy to pay for itself over time – not to mention protecting you from a nasty break-in.

Contact us for a FREE quote.


Hermes Broken Into – Armor Glass Could Have Prevented It

Yet another store has been broken into – this one the Hermes store in Houston. Thieves broke in and stole thousands of dollars of merchandise.

Sadly, this is yet another example of where Armor Glass security film would have prevented the burglars from getting in…GLASS IS A BUILDING’S WEAKEST LINK! It takes little effort to penetrate it.

Here is the link to the story in today’s Houston Chronicle:


“Loose Cannon” Hits House

Here’s another reason to have Armor Glass Security film on your windows – Loose Cannons! Here’s the story and article link:

“‘MythBusters’ misfire sends cannonball through neighborhood
December 7, 2011 | 8:32 am

Mythbusters cannonball
A cannonball fired by the “Mythbusters” TV show plowed through a Northern California house, struck the roof of another house and smashed through a minivan’s window in a science experiment gone wrong.

The mishap occurred Tuesday while the Discovery Channel show was testing out whether other materials are just as effective as a cannonball when fired from a cannon.

Instead, the mythbusters learned how effective a cannonball can be when it misses its intended target, according to KGO-TV San Francisco.

PHOTOS: ‘Mythbusters’ cannonball experiment goes astray

The cannonball was fired from a bomb range in Dublin, about 35 miles east of San Francisco in Alameda County. It was supposed to hit trash cans but instead soared 700 yards into the home of a sleeping couple, leaving a 10-inch hole in the bedroom wall.
The cannonball was traveling as fast as a bullet. It exited the house, bounced across four lanes of traffic, struck the roof of another house and then smashed through the window of a parked minivan.

No one was injured.

Neighbors said “MythBusters” often tries its experiments in the area, and they have grown used to hearing explosions.”

Well, now you’ve heard it all. P.S. Armor Glass Security film HAS passed the “Large Missile” test! (Just in case “Myth Busters” are shooting off any cannons in your neighborhood!)


California Hit With 140 mph Hurricane-Force WINDS!

In another display of Extreme Weather, winds of up to 140 miles per hour have hit California – equivalent to a CAT 4 hurricane! It knocked over trees and windborne debris broke windows.

One expert said: “I don’t recall something like this in recent memory,” said Brian Edwards, a meteorologist for “In some places we’ve seen gusts over hurricane force, which for the Southwest part of the country is not something that usually happens. This is a one-every-10-years kind of thing.”

“Normal” freak weather or not, it is yet another reason to “armor your glass” to protect your property’s weakest link and your family.

The full story link is:,0,1624581.story