1 in 4 Hurricanes Occur in October/November

Hurricane season does not end until November 30. How much of a threat do they pose this late in the season.

According to these weather experts, one in four hurricanes occur in October and November. So we are not out of the woods yet.

And burglars operate 24/7, 365 days a year – so Armor Glass security film is still providing protection from break-ins from humans once the threat from Mother Nature has diminished (until it flares up again, as it will).

What other product also cuts your energy bill, enough to pay for itself over time?


A Home Invasion Armor Glass Could Have Prevented

Here is another incident where Armor Glass could have protected people. At a $2 million mansion in Ft. Bend County, armed men jumped over a fence then broke a bedroom window to get in to rob the residents!

Our security film would have prevented entry – giving the residents time to call police.

Isn’t it time you had Armor Glass security film installed on your house? It’s not just for hurricanes and solar heat…


Breaking Glass to Steal Glasses – Another use for Armor Glass security

Every day I discover another valuable use for our security films that “armor your glass.” Friday I got an email from an eye doctor’s office.

It turns out that people are breaking the window glass to steal the eyeglass frames! Since I just got a new pair of glasses recently and they cost over $700 I can “see” why thieves would be targeting these valuable specimens made with high cost metals.

Same for pharmacies, storefronts and anyone with something valuable to steal. Breaking glass to enter a premises is EASY – just a hit or two and they are “in”!

The doc wanted the CLEAR film so people could still see the merchandise displayed inches from the glass wall, but not get to it even with a crowbar beating on it. We bond the film to the frames with a special structural sealant which holds the film to the frame. Without it, the tempered glass would detach from the frame and fall in!

Stay tuned for another chapter in the continuing saga of Armor Glass – protecting people and property like nothing else.


Armor Glass Goes Into Space! (Well…Almost)

Photo: Michael Fjetland, ready to launch

Well….let’s put it this way. The CEO got to sit in a Russian space capsule at NASA (see photo). It’s a two-seater without a lot of room. I didn’t see a DVD player or TV in there either!

At the NASA event last night, I had the privilege of meeting the highly intelligent and interesting George Abbey Jr., the son of the icon who managed JSC for many years. By the time I left after a couple of glasses of wine, space didn’t seem too far away! LOL.

Actually our technology is a product of the space industry – a high tech polycarbonate that saves energy and provides security. If they put a window in space, it will need Armor Glass security film!


New Depressions forming in Atlantic

The Weather Service says that new depressions are forming in the eastern Atlantic. At leas one appears likely to develop.

Another tropical wave is expected to emerge off Africa as well.

Hurricane season isn’t over until November 30. Stay tuned and Stay prepared…


Hurricane Update – “Nate” and “Maria”

There are two systems that pose a Hurricane risk at this time.

“Nate” in the Gulf of Mexico is now predicted by the computer models to move west into Mexico, possibly as a CAT 2 storm.

Meanwhile, Hurricane “Maria” is moving in the Atlantic. It may hit the U.S. east coast or turn out to the Atlantic – it is too early to tell.

Hurricane season does not end until November 30, so stay tuned!


Gunshots in the Night

This email was in our “inbox” this morning.

Thought you might like this: woke up to gunfire last night at 2:30am. Threw wife on floor and got kiddo out of crib. Turns out that guy who shot the cop on FM 1960 decided run for it with his 3 friends and had a gun battle through my apartment complex. Two of these scumbags are still at large. Wish I owned the place so I could put armor glass up. I know I’ll do that when I get a house.


Holy smokes! Actually no film will stop a bullet, but it would keep glass from spraying shrapnel into your family…


IRENE: Hundreds of Thousands Still Without Power

Hundreds of thousands of people are STILL without power after IRENE. And they are “mad as hell.” We understand.

We went through that after Hurricane IKE hit Houston in 2008 – two days after Lehman Brothers went bankrupt and the financial collapse started.  We missed all of it.

It was weird. The rest of the world knew what was going on but none of us without power had a clue. I spent a week without it and that was long enough. Some people had to wait two weeks or more. It gets OLD fast – no TV news, no power for your cell phone, no A/C to cool off.

It was like being marooned on another planet. All we could do was sit around and wait for grocery stores to reopen and gas stations to get power so the pumps would work to get gas. Until then, we had to eat canned food since the freezer food had melted or spoiled.

And just like then, when electric workers came from all kinds of states to help us get powered up, the same is happening in the Northeast.

We are still doing things the “old” way – stringing power lines on poles, next to trees, which fall on the poles in a storm and knock out the juice. Or, in the north, ice gets on the lines, and they break.

In Texas this summer we are going through the worst drought on record. In the process, we discovered that the lack of rain leads to salt build up on the power lines, which causes them to short out! To prevent it, they were spraying water on the lines, sometimes with helicopters, to keep them working.

It’s time we got into the 21st Century with our electrical grid. It needs to be put underground where trees and droughts will not knock out electricity.  The “cheap” way of doing things is not always the best, or the smartest.

If you don’t think so, try going a week or two without power after a storm….


TD 13 – Good News Bad News

The depression in the Gulf of Mexico, which should become Tropical Storm LEE by Saturday offers Good News and BAD News.

The GOOD News: It may not reach hurricane strength before reaching land, but is expected to hit about 60 mph winds at its peak.

The BAD News: It is predicted to dump 15-20 ” of rain in Louisiana and then curve to the NorthEAST, meaning Texas will get NOTHING from this system – no wind or much needed Rain!

Things could change in the next 24 hours. Check back and stay tuned…


70% Chance Gulf disturbance will turn into Hurricane

There is a 70% chance that the disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico will turn into a hurricane in the next 48 hours, according to weather sources.

If you are a Gulf resident, keep your eye on this during the Labor Day weekend. This is one of those “pop up” storms we get with little advance warning. For those you love to put up plywood, this is your moment of decision.

Armor Glass security film clients won’t have to board up, so they are prepared, except for buying food and water.

Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates…