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18th Anniversary of Oklahoma City Bombing Today…

Today is the 18th Anniversary of the Oklahoma City truck bombing that killed 160 people including children in a day care center. The bombers were two white Americans, not a Mideast jahadi. It proved that a terrorist can be domestic as well as foreign. It is the mindset of the terrorist, not his color or race, that makes the difference. In Boston, the bombers have connections to Russia’s problems in Muslim Chechnya.

There is only one thing that people can do — look at their security situation and upgrade it. Alarms are good. Cameras are good.

Yet none of that keeps glass from flying during a break-in or from wind-borne debris strikes during a hurricane. A camera or alarm won’t keep your glass from becoming thousands of tiny glass shrapnel when hit by a blast wave during an explosion. Glass is still the weakest link and therefore biggest threat to public safety that needs to be addressed.

It is addressed by making ALL glass safety glass — by attaching security window film to “armor the glass” and contain it. Then it avoids a breach that leads to structural failure and internal damages. Instead of thousands of fragments the glass comes off as one entire panel, if it comes off the frame. We put it on a simple double pane window for a lady one summer. 5 days later a guy tried to break in that window. He failed. Burglary avoided. Insurance Loss avoided. Feeling of violation avoided.

I can’t explain it if you don’t look at the 2 minute video on the Armor Glass home page to see how it works. These threats of human intrusion or hurricane-and-blast force hurling wind-borne debris through your puny glass windows. Remember the story about the Three Little Pigs and the two who built houses of straw and wood became dinner for the wolf….

The Boston bombing has demonstrated is that the blast wave hurts people further away from the center of the blast by shattering glass BLOCKS away! In Oklahoma City, windows in over 150 buildings around the city were blown out by the concussion of the tons of ammonium nitrate in the back of a rental truck parked in the street next to the Murrah building. It’s described in the Chapter “Predicting 9/11 and Running Against the Hammer” in “Better Times Ahead April Fool

Hazard mitigation should be part of EVERY American cities operating manual.

Without it, we aren’t prepared for the next hazard event. And that could be anywhere, anytime. That is how life is. We can’t change things from happening but we can prepare for them to minimize the impact.

That’s what Armor Glass does – it protects you and your family by armoring your buildings’ weakest link. Don’t leave home without it…

In the next explosion or hurricane or break in, it is protecting you, your family, your staff, your future, while cutting energy and paying for itself. What is there not to like about that?