Today’s Podcast on KPRC 950 AM “Home Cents” on what Armor Glass is and how it protects your biggest asset from breach by humans and Mother Nature while saving energy as it blocks solar heat and harmful UV…   Armor Glass discussion starts a minute or so into the tape.

How Armor Glass Beats the HEAT While Armoring Your Weakest Link – 1 minute

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One of the amusing things about heading up Armor Glass is the unique calls we get.  So far this year we have been asked to supply Armor Glass security film for (1) a Hollywood movie scene for Keanu Reeves (2) A cannabis store on the west coast, and (3) A company that makes armored cars…

Usually our Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1 of every year and runs to November 30, and usually nothing ever happens until AUGUST — but not this year.   We already have a mysterious LOW in the Atlantic that could prove to be our first storm of what is supposed to be a “slow”…

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